Anti-Masker Logic


If you're wearing a mask, why would you care if I'm not. Your mask works, right? If you're sober, why would you care if I'm driving drunk? Your seatbelt and airbags work, right?


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  1. Donkey dude August 5, 2020


  2. Seen this, repost.

  3. Don’t worry libs. Play Doh and Tide pods will protect you from the virus. Trust me on this.

  4. Hard libtard logic makes hurt on poor trumpian conservative snowflake go ouch and cry.

  5. Mensplaining August 6, 2020

    The joke is true. Now let me see a joke about the dumb blm protesters, like – the virus doesn’t exist when you loot and burn black neighbourhoods.

    • Hello “halfman”. It’s not true. Unless you are wearing a FFP3 mask it is not protecting you. It protects the others. So if you wear a mask you protect the elderly and other people proned to get complications with corona.
      If you are an egomaniac you think this meme is true and you don’t wear a mask. Running around spreading pestilence as a killer. Then you are not a man. Just an animal.

    • Mensplaining August 6, 2020

      @Manly Man, which part of “joke is true” you don’t understand? For retarded – yes, I agree about the usefulness of masks to protect others.

  6. Trunk monkey August 6, 2020

    Again this misinformation?
    Once more : these masks are not designed to protect you but rather to protect others.
    Comparing them with seat belts and airbags is ludicrous.
    Is Donald running this site now?

    • No, he’s runnign America right now. That’s why everyone is dying.

    • Its more to say to anti maskers who want to rebel against the system because the government tells them to wear a mask but they feel the shouldn’t have to… but yet the government says to wear a seat belt and they listen to that tho why? Is it because they only care about themselves and not others?

  7. They don’t protect anyone. It’s all about compliance. Wake up.

    • They protect again infection, not against stupidity. You caught it.

  8. False dichotomy, enough said.
    Medical masks aren’t N95’s either…
    Then there’s this woman in the Grocery store I saw yesterday wearing a crotchet mask…ugh.

    • Infected by stupidity. It’s an American disease spreading the globe.

  9. Plugs can’t remember if he shits his pants, much less be in charge of the country. Why does he refuse a Cognitive Assessment Test? The best the Demodouches can muster is the halfwit.

    • You got the candidates of the people on both sides.

    • Capetonian August 7, 2020

      Lemme see. He was a lawyer. Senator for decades. Vice president. He is a professional politician. Knows politics is about bringing opposites together to solve problems.

      On the other side is a narcissistic rich dude, bankrupt 4 times, with many failed businesses ranging from selling steaks to selling degrees, who cheated on his pregnant wife with a pornstar, and who has told 1000’s of lies as rhe US president.

      And you think that this orange man with small hands is capable of being a politician?

  10. You’re going to need masks with Vick’s Vapo-Rub spread on the inside to cover the stench of all of the exploded brains when Trump is re-elected.

  11. Only an atheist leftist could think this meme was well reasoned.

  12. He did it before and can do it again.

    Trump 2020

  13. Oh look! A joke conceived by a left wing brain washed idiot.
    Enjoy your government pablum you Orwellian despotic pigs.
    Your freedoms are being eroded and you’re happy about it.
    That’s the Millennial generation for you. When there’s no mommy’s teat to suck on, they get even dumber, but more violent.

  14. Anti mask man September 27, 2020

    This is so stupid these things are two totally different scenarios drunk driving and anti masks are different things u can crash a car with your seatbelts and airbags on but if one person where’s a mask and the other doesn’t you people hate us so much why would it matter if we died in that scenario would you people just shut up

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