The Internet Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Flat-Earthers, Here Are The Best Examples


Despite overwhelming scientific proof, flat-earthers are out there spreading their stupid ideas. Some have even gone so far as to create an official organization known as The Flat Earth Society. The internet is unmatched when it comes to making fun of absurd ideas, so here’s a list of the best examples.


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  1. ManBearPig July 10, 2018

    The science is settled.

  2. intelligentperson July 10, 2018

    These are genuinely funny. Flat Earth.. hahaha!

  3. Crepes tastes great with blackberry jam July 10, 2018

    If the earth is not flat, how do you then explain why Denmark and the Netherlands are flatter than a pancake?

    • if netherlands where flat the river rhine wouldn’t flow into the north sea.

  4. Richard Rejmer July 11, 2018

    Ask anyone who has ever been in the military. . Especially Army artillery or gunners on Navy ships. .
    The earth is a sphere. . If they don’t calculate that into the trajectory of the missile/ shell that they are firing over the horizon – it misses.
    They have known about this for HUNDREDS of years, but still these dumb ****tards insist that it’s flat!!

  5. Regarding picture 2: to make sense and to then be funny, shouldn’t the text say “Gotta love this LUNAR eclipse”. The sun is shining on the flat earth, which throws a shadow on the moon. Doh.

  6. Flat Earth AGW Bob July 12, 2018

    2016 had the hottest summer since 1880 when it was hotter [:laugh:]. This is proof of AGW We are doomed, we are all going to die.

    • Learn the difference between climate and weather. Then come back.

    • @Scientia Learn the difference between science and politics.

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