First World Anarchists



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  1. Dick Richie October 25, 2014

    Smash the system!

  2. Hipster trying and failing.

  3. These people are rebelling so that I don’t have to.

  4. U-S-A! U-S-A! October 26, 2014

    ******* Irish.

    • Ahem, do WHAT to the Irish now? Surely you meant to say love the Irish…
      As someone with a rich Irish history, I great took offense to your sentiment. Also, if you are indeed from the USA, as your name suggests, then you are everything wrong with this country. It’s encounters with people like you that make the rest of the world hate us. That’s not even remotely fair, but unfortunately it’s true. So why don’t you grow up, stop trolling, get a life, and stop dragging our name through the mud.

  5. Those signs are not meant to ban people from doing something. For example touching museum exponates – noone can fine you or throw you in jail for that
    But these signs ask to restrain yourself for the sake of others.
    Hence these people are simply dumb.

    • Of course they are.
      Other signs are for your own safety. What they don’t show us are the pictures of those idiots who died trying to make such “funny” pix.

  6. We want our I ♥ shirt back.

  7. What a bunch of totally lame “rebels”. The only one deserving any respect is the tree.

      That, my dear, was the sound of the point going right over your head.

  8. Is there not a lifeguard? I think that guy in the pool hit his head on the bottom of the pool and could be drowning. AND NO RUNNING!

  9. They are funny. Lighten up you Democrats

    • XD Good one… except for the fact that it’s impossible to lighten up when you have a giant stick up their ***.
      Have you ever seen a picture of a bunch of Dems together? Every single one of them look like they’ve been eating sour grapes. Very attractive.

  10. So many signs, so little time!

  11. anarchy rules November 7, 2014

    **** the system!

  12. Douchebaggery at its finest . . .

  13. “it MAY explode and kill you”

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