Hey, Donald…


Remember the other day when you said that you were going to fire me?


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  1. KamalaToe Harris November 8, 2020

    Never fear, the national socialist democratic party will save us. The Rona will be gone before Thanksgiving and the news will never talk about it again, unless it’s to say how low it is.

    • Wishfull thinking. You are ignoring there are people dying of “rona” worldwide. So the Democrats control all the rest of the world? Doubtful. Oh, let me guess, it’s a worldwide conspiracy and only Trump was able to fight it. Corrupt, incompetent, womengrabbing Trump. The crook that saved the world… yeah, sure.
      Seeking refuge in these fantasies might calm your fear of the virus. The virus doesn’t care about your fear or delusions though.

  2. At least Trump is crazy. What’s Fauci’s excuse? I wouldn’t trust him with the health of a stray cat I didn’ like, least wise a nation.

  3. This is what President Trump gets for following Fauci’s advice (as Fauci has often stated). Trump normally is a better judge of character.

    • Trump and the country have NOT been following his advice.

      In the spring he said the states that open up before their numbers are down would have a big rise in cases this summer. They did.

      He said if we all do in person schooling, the cases would go up. they did.

      He said we’d get a large wave of cases this fall. We did.

      If you get sick, or have a health emergency, are you going to go see a doctor or a politician?

    • If you put a red Trump cap on your head leftist rona can’t harm you.

    • Trump the great judge of character, LOL. He keeps appointing the greatest man alive, to figure them 6 months later as the dumbest rock. All he cares for is whether people are willing to kiss his butt.

  4. The Left calling for unity after calling half the country nazis for 5 years 🤣🤣😂😂

    • That’s what happens when half the country is supporting a guy who’s friendly with Nazi’s.

      “good people on both sides” (One side includes the KKK and people who drive cars through crowds. )

  5. A broken clock is at least right twice a day, far surpassing the record of either man shown here.

  6. Liberals should stay inside. Reality and life’s daily grind is way too much for them to handle. We will let you know when it’s time to exit the basement.

  7. Man what are deranged nut bags going to do after Biden is sworn in? Who will whine about then? Your least self aware people on the web. Sad.

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