Little Known Fact About Finland


Did you know? 75% of a Finnish park ranger's job is rescuing metal bands that get lost shooting album covers.


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  1. Enemy of the State Deplorable Ultra Maga Tarja Fan September 3, 2022

    The only “rock band” from Finland I’m aware of is Tarja. There are others?

    • Cloe from Portland September 3, 2022

      Tarja must renounce you and your ilk or she will never play another concert in My Fair City ever again.

    • Tarja Turunen September 3, 2022

      Please don’t listen to my music you imbecile.

  2. Country music fan September 3, 2022

    Finnish tax payers should not have to pick up the tab for lost rock bands.
    Let them wander till they perish, just like their horrible music has in recent

    • Takoma Park Red Biden guy September 3, 2022

      If Abba, Tarja had a fight who do you think would win? I know Abba is Sweden, but heck it’s all the same isn’t it.

    • Like America is all Hillbillies. You are right.

    • You must really love driving your truck and listen music where people sign of their trucks, beer, guns, woman,god, truck what they lost and miss very much.
      Country music is for idiots..

  3. I didnt know white walkers shopped at Target…..

  4. That would be Norway, not Finnland. Thank me later.

  5. When Trump goes to jail do you think his cell mate will be the man,
    or just another Trump bitch?

    • Best would be solidary confinement. Being alone, no one listening to his BS or adoring him. That would be real punishment for a narcissist.

    • I hope his cell mate is a Mexican rapist who grabs him by the boi p*ssy.

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