Isn’t American Education System Amazing?


Americans were asked to point Iran on the map. Only 23% correctly identified Iran. Some pointed at USA.



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  1. SillyKiwiMan January 15, 2020

    Horrifying, but completely unsurprising

  2. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

  3. Maybe we should try paying our teachers a decent wage and help them out instead of paying them like crap and forcing them to pay for their own school supplies.

    • Quarter Salami's personally assigned drone operator January 15, 2020

      Teachers know that there are 59 genders and support sexual mutilation for children for “reassignment”, teachers know that man made climate change will kill us in 12 years.. again, teachers support baby killing as a form of birth control, and teachers know how to bop the cutest whatever in the class room and get caught. So, ahem (coughs), no pay raise for you.

    • Dislike if your IQ below 80 January 15, 2020

      Nazis, Communists and Rightards will always fear and hate those intellectuals and more educated people. Because those people ask the right questions and deal with facts.
      And that is dangerous for Nazis, Communists and Rightards.

    • how about they do their freaking job? most teachers make way more than a livable wage and have the nicest work life balance of most jobs

    • @BigB

      Hey dude, learn to code.

    • So, why aren’t you brainiacs all teachers?

    • just sayin' January 15, 2020

      Blaming your ignorance of basic geography on teachers is lame… you have obviously found the internet?

    • Haha. Ya’ll are hilarious.

      “how about they do they do their freaking job” – Good one. So nice. Lets insult them and treat them like crap. Then all the best people will want to be teachers and they’ll be happy and focus on their work. That plan has been working soooo well for sooo long now. ( not)

      For the record. I did learn to code. It’s what I’ve been doing for a living for the last 20 yrs.

      Also, not blaming all this on teachers. I’m saying that maybe we ought to make education a priority. Obviously it’s a low priority for most people right now as you all demonstrated so well. ( and so does the map) It’s high priority for me. I volunteer at my kids school.

    • Make America great again.
      Cut education budgets.

    • Now that I think about it….. the first place I learned to code was from a teacher who was willing to stay after school to work with a group of kids for free.

  4. BigB's geography teacher. January 15, 2020

    I would have thought Detroit and London would have gotten more yellow blotches.

  5. Aim and… fire.

  6. but yet liberals keep calling public education a huge success and give it more money. public schools are horrid and so are most of the government workers working there. they are just there for a paycheck and not educate

    • Sounds like a job for a useless c… like you. Go there.

    • Right, they are there just for that big fat paycheck and because people like you treat them so nice! ( not. )

  7. Yet another example of America being made fun of. I’d like to see other countries try the same experiment. I doubt they would fare much better.

    • They actually do. The USA are also the only country on the planet which inhabitants are proud of never leaving the country in their life.

  8. Govt enforced unionized schools are indoctrination centers for dumbing down the population and pushing a far left agenda. ALL civil service unions should be banned – there are no tax payers at the table when union negotiating take place.

  9. I would have also pointed out in the sea. It’s called a joke.

  10. Bashing teachers and saying they don’t care is just ignorant. Just like blanket statements are just plain ignorant. Why do complex issues always have to be reduced to short inaccurate babble and framing it as the fault of some one or few simple and innacurate characterizations. No matter what school or education system it’s vital that people think for themselves, we can blame schools and other things, but what about personal will and initiative. If you don’t care to learn don’t blame the teachers. You can lead a person to school, but you can’t make them think or care to learn.

  11. Mongo's afterbirth January 16, 2020

    Likewise bashing whole countries and populations is just stupid, but then again this is a humor site, so there are a lot of clowns here..

  12. The only ones that need to know are the ones dropping the bombs…

  13. Watch movie Idiocracy 😁

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