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  1. Hilariously depressing.

  2. American In Vienna April 30, 2017

    Fighting for any kind of religion is sad.
    And, no, those guys didn’t fled to EU because of that bitch.

    • slagnogler April 30, 2017

      She is fighting against a religion.

    • No, she is fighting against a terror organization that uses religion as their excuse.

    • @BigR: Real-world translation of your comment: “Yep, she’s fighting against a religion.”

  3. It’s sadly true. Most men of this culture are cowards. Except they get the opportunity to mistreat women. You get cowards or nutjobs.

    • Usually both. In my country some people call them hyenas, because, well, you know why.
      Everybody knows why. Only liberals won’t admit they know why, but they still take a different route home at night now when they are alone just like everybody else, to avoid the “culturally enriched” areas in the city. And the next day they join in groups to fight for more “diversity” = more mono-culture islamic areas. I sincerely hate these people more than any immigrant.

  4. Flossy McHookerpants April 30, 2017

    Incoming liberals to defend their “friendly” Muslim comrades in 3….2…

    • Actually, I was coming in to point out to the MRAs just why they don’t deserve any rights. Snivelling cowards.

    • Funny how those countdowns never work out.

  5. The men did not flee to Europe, they are invading Europe.

  6. Prince Leo April 30, 2017

    And they all get real free health care =)

  7. It is funny, but when I searched for the picture below, i found it next to atricles about protests in sweden, about detaining immigrants in Hungary, and protests in Egypt. Man, those guys sure did a lot of travel, and made exactly the same photo every place they came! Awesome. THINK before you draw opinions on entire nations from an effing picture.

    • Prince Leo May 1, 2017

      It’s even worse then we thought. They are professional rioters

  8. The Lone Wonderer May 1, 2017

    Neither funny or bad, but Truth.

  9. Salzigtal May 3, 2017

    The credophiles are revolting. Well, not her.

  10. Salzigtal May 3, 2017

    Technically, she’s fighting for the separation of church & State that we used to enjoy in the US.

  11. Kendrick Bbombokka May 3, 2017

    for real do we have brave men or cored little boy in that country? And for the crying chicks about her decision, does it make sense?

  12. I can’t believe there’s discussion going on over arranged photos…

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