Fidget Spinners Are So Stupid!



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  1. Honestly, I’ve never heard of a pet rock. Sounds pretty dumb, though.

  2. ImissFelly July 7, 2017

    My pet rock was called Felspar (Felly for short), He kept me company for 10 years. We did everything together and he would wait by the front door where I left him, waiting for me to come home from work. He had a special place at the table and we snuggled down under the duvet to sleep. Then he contracted rock-rot from a nasty beach pebble when we were out walking. Felly succumbed to the disease and he passed away. I’ll never forget you, Felly……

    • Try to get some pitchblende next time. It won’t contract any diseases itself and may help you solving all the problems you have in no time, if you take it to bed, too. Coffinite may do the same trick, too. If you are looking for something more flash looking, look no further than Torbernite. Beautiful! Other rocks that may be interesting for you and other pet-rock-lovers are as follows: Carnotite, Uranophane, Brannerit, Heinrichit and other very nice to pet rocks. Have fun, but always make sure you have the rock with you 24/7!

  3. Imissfelly July 7, 2017

    @anteater thanks for the advice. I’m going to breed rocks and your advice will help me succeed.

    • You will die pretty soon though. All of them rocks I’ve mentioned are highly radioactive. You probably know that my comment was tongue-in-cheek. ^^

  4. I had one as an iddy biddy kid…absolutely functional, mine made great slingshot ammo…once.

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