Christmas Tree Eyebrows: The Latest Beauty Trend


Remember McDonald’s Eyebrows? Well, Instagram users are up to no good again. This time they’ve decided to ruin their eyebrows by making Christmas trees out of them…


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  1. A Man's Opinion December 14, 2017

    I like a woman to have dark and thickish eyebrows, but most of these look like they have a fast sprreading “social disease.”

  2. Insta-imbeciles.

  3. The old man on the mountain Alamut December 14, 2017

    Not really my taste but better than having a murdered tree in the living room! Join the Christmas Tree Liberation front! No more slaughtered trees!

    • nope, having a tree is better.
      “murdered tree” … that is so idiotic.

  4. People are weird.

  5. I would like to smack these people right in the face with a shovel

    • The old man on the mountain Alamut December 16, 2017

      You want to undertake a potential lethal action against these people because you don’t like their fashion choice. Don’t you think that is a bit excessive?

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