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  1. That also works for men. 8-)

  2. Shakemyheadatstupidity June 14, 2017

    Have you seen Emma Watson? She’s gorgeous. And a feminist. And for those who don’t understand, Feminism is about men and women being treated as equals. It’s not about one gender being better than the other. Just like all races etc. are equals. We are all humans – equal humans. There is a famous photo of a beautiful woman in military uniform greeting her child when she gets home from her assignment in Afghanistan. She’s an equal – a soldier serving her country. She’s not ugly, fat or single. I don’t see the connection between physical looks and intelligence or equality. It’s like saying you must be a munter if you aren’t racist. Doesn’t make sense.

    • “And for those who don’t understand, Feminism is about men and women being treated as equals.”
      To some it is whilst others think that now it is the women’s turn to oppress men.
      “We are all humans – equal humans”
      I can also agree on that, but yet there are many, probably in most countries, who consider themselves as better than humans from other countries.

    • Gender equality aims for gender equality.
      Feminism aims for empowering female gender; some times to the point it’s equal to male, some times to the point it’s better than male. Whenever one criticize feminism for the part where it tries to be better instead of equal, someone defends it by showing the side where it aims to be equal as if it was the only side.

    • I don’t find EW gorgeous and I find her acting mediocre. Not to mention that she became more famous than the rest of the cast by being tabloid fodder. – IMHO

    • Emma Watson isn’t a feminist, she’s an actress that plays one.

  3. Shakemyheadatstupidity June 14, 2017

    @ anteater – yes, you are right but we can’t legislate for those stupid people. We need to keep calm and be rational and civilised.

    • The others make a lot more noise and therefore think they are the majority. Funny, isn’t it.

  4. American In Vienna June 14, 2017

    Ah, Liver… you are really boring with this feminism stuff…

  5. Oh, come on, kids. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who CAN you laugh at?

  6. This isn’t even remotely funny nor witty. It’s just a stupid insult. Memes have been better.

    • MRAs are never funny or witty. Or intelligent, rational or interesting. So it’s a given that their “jokes” are going to be just as insipid and bilious as they are themselves.

  7. Men ≈ women, Jars don’t open by themselves.

  8. Superandmore June 17, 2017

    is this supposed to be funny?

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