What’s The Difference Between a Feminist And a Baby?



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  1. What’s the difference between someone who makes that kind of joke and a turd? None, neither’s funny.

    • What are you doing out of the kitchen?

    • Those sandwiches aren’t going to make themselves…

    • Oh, come ON “fred”!!!
      making fun of feminists!!!

    • Lazier Than Thou November 15, 2016

      How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

  2. Are these new, Trump-approved “jokes”?

    • Old Timer #2 November 14, 2016

      I have noticed that the banner that declared each EatLiver joke had been carefully hand selected disappeared quite a while back.

    • No Hildabeast was though.

  3. Unknown origin November 14, 2016

    This is one of the most boring things I’ve ever read. Come on Eatliver – buck your ideas up!

  4. The core idea of real feminism is that a man and a woman doing the same job should get the same pay. Men and women should get (paid) maternity leave. Feminie hygiene products should absolutely be government subsidized, especially if that country already subsidizes condoms or viagra.
    Then angry guys that think women should be in the kitchen making sandwiches but can’t find a girlfriend blame feminists for making women “dumb”. Leads to these sorts of retarded meme pictures.
    Sorry son, if you can’t get a girl it’s probably because you suck.

    • Most ‘feminism’ these days is really belief in female superiority.

    • Your LogiC does you credit.

    • LOL @ Stockholm Snow Chaos Caused By Feminists November 14, 2016

      “The core idea of real feminism…”
      Yeah, but it’s been argued many times, and very well IMO eg. by youtuber Sargon of Akkad, that 3rd wave feminism is a supremacist movement.
      There are no longer any laws in western countries that would stymie women from achieving the same things in life as men do. And I’m not talking about organizations now, like becoming the pope of catholic church, but actual laws governed and policed by nations.

    • that’s all cute but there’s no such thing as a free lunch.Pay your own shit with your own money.what you want is socialism and it has never ever made people happier.

    • Lazier Than Thou November 15, 2016

      “The core idea of real feminism is that a man and a woman doing the same job should get the same pay.”
      Entirely wrong. The core idea of every strain of feminism is that women have historically been oppressed and so to compensate for this evil committed against women, they need to be politically, socially, and economically empowered. That’s why feminism only works for the betterment of women while still pretending they’re for equality. In the event of women having rights men don’t have(reproductive rights, to name one of the largest), feminists continually oppose any empowerment of men. Why? Because they’re shrieking harpy bigots.
      Consider learning what you’re talking about before you spout off a bunch of nonsense.

    • Lazier Than Thou, are you completely retarded? Empowerment of men, what would that be?

    • Lazier Than Thou November 15, 2016

      @Da Fuq?
      Right now? It’d be more in line with equality. Women have rights men don’t have, that’s injustice.
      It’s really not a very hard concept to grasp.

    • Feminists don’t use hygiene products.

    • LogiC, I wonder who ties your shoelaces? And do you pay your parents rent for their basement?

    • I've come a long way, baby December 1, 2016

      Wrong, LogiC. Feminism wasn’t about getting paid the same or having mamma government pay for maternity leave. It was about not being objectified sexually by men in the workplace.
      I was/am an old-school feminist (from the 70s), and yes, this joke IS funny. Frankly, I met more discrimination from other women than I did from other men throughout my career. The women thought it made them look stronger if they were bitchy and whiney. They were wrong.

  5. This is so wrong. Feminists are not weepy, they are screamy!

  6. ehehehehehehehe

  7. ahahah so much butthurt in the comments

  8. ^Posted by a guy who lives in his mommy’s basement.

  9. You know how I know you’re single?

  10. StephenHawkins_is_funnier November 17, 2016

    Lame, stupid AND boring (yawn) btw, who are you catering to anyways; misogynists?

  11. Can we grab ****** now, or should we wait for him to get sworn in?

  12. The word Feminism itself is binary and gender specific. Think about that.

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