Feminist Picnic



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  1. This is just sad. You really have no idea what feminism actually is…

    • Well, it isn’t about equality.

    • And apparently it isn’t about making good sandwiches.

    • Feminism is no different from every other ism’s promoting equality. It starts off with equality but ends being about getting privileges.

  2. Actually, it’s about ethics in game journalism.

  3. OFC they didn’t make any sandwiches, as respectable women they should be in their kitchens, trying to outbest each other’s REAL meals. Srsly, I am proud to be a woman and I would kick any man’s butt if he told me “Go make me a sandwich” – how dare you underestimate me?! I won’t raise my finfger for anything less than at least some crepes for breakfast, if you want sandwiches go live your miserable male life, where that is obviously something worth to be eaten. A woman that claims to be equal or better than any man should at least be able to do something as dumb and easy as cooking. It’s like, “I’m very good at maths, but I won’t bother even knowing how to multiply”. Girls, get your sh*t together.

  4. You know, real men, the kind worth having around, have no problem with an independent woman striving for respect and equality and an admonition of her self-worth. If he can’t handle those things or if he balks like a spoiled toddler, tell him to keep walking because you don’t have time for his misogynistic bullshit whining. Sexism is what separates the men from the little boys; a mature, intelligent, man will support and cherish his woman, a little boy still tied to his mommy’s apron strings will stomp around and throw tantrums… but only after they get through making their little passive-aggressive internet troll pictures, naturally. RESPECT. Look it up, you chauvinist imbeciles.

  5. Speech Therapist December 11, 2014

    T_T… I’ll say it (every man reading this wants to), go make me some sandwiches. Here’s my butt – <3. Kick away.

    • When I said men I should’ve excluded homosexual men. My apolgies, sir, men that like getting kicked hard in their butt are not exactly my cup of tea. Though sandwiches go perfectly well with some tea (((:

  6. this joke will be only funny to people who are sexist or have no clue what feminism means.

  7. Or… People have become way to sensitive and get their panties in a wad way to frequently and sue over anything because america has become home to the oversensitive and greedy

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