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  1. As if men were better. *lol* Misogynic bullsh*t.

  2. The eatliver guy is the ultimate little hurt baby who got dumped.

    • Middle-aged Thug July 20, 2015

      Maybe he know it’s bullshit but he jumps on every bandwagon stereotype anyway to get views

  3. So true. Feminist, both women and men are the worst. They constantly bitch and complain, but when someone points out their hypocritical and contradictive behavior then it’s those misogynic cry babies. They want to spread their bullshit without resistance. Everything has to be easier or they cry, bitch, and moan. If men give into their bullshit, then we are worthless and pathetic. I say fight them with full vigor and resistance. IF they want this world they should bleed for it as so many men have before.

    • Uh… feminism IS the resistance against spread misogynic bullshit. Learn how to identify the oppressor and the victim.

    • Well, actually women bleed a lot for humanity’s sake.

    • @dsa: He did…

  4. Mrs andrist July 20, 2015

    Females are way more attractive than feminists.

  5. Hell Toupee July 20, 2015

    you know how I know you haven’t got a girlfriend?

    • Middle-aged Thug July 20, 2015

      But’s not Eatliver’s fault, unpredictable erratic castrating Feminazi are to blame. :( :( :( :(
      ***insert some more shit about good guys and frienzone here***

  6. Femin eest July 20, 2015

    this situation is going off like a fish milkshake….
    Oops I need to have a cry again.

  7. Look at all the “guys” typing what their gf told them.

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