Feminism: Fantasy vs. Reality



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  1. Wall, pavement, monkey bar, iron to the monkeybar, urban surroundings, civilization, etc. all built through the blood and sweat of men. Luckily, with the rise of feminism, women will start partaking in doing these shitty jobs.

    • That’s a lot of fake facts in one small post.

    • I know. Still I dream, that hopefully women will partake in the shitty/dangerous jobs of our society one day so we can even out the expected life expectancy gap.

    • They have already started doing those jobs. Today you can find women in a lot of armies (and not only as nurses), roofers, chimney sweepers and so on. A female friend of mine even works on an off-shore oil rig. And some women probably dream of us men taking those poorly paid jobs as kindergarden teachers, nurses and so on, too.

    • @anteater While true, it is still more an aberration than common.

    • anteater: Good. Now we need for the legislation to catch up. Mandatory draft for both sexes. Mandated occupational equality for all the shitty labours, etc. No cherry picking. 50/50 equality in all occupations.

    • And of course, feminists by their definition, will be driving this change, yes?

    • Captain Sarcastic August 18, 2017

      You lot need to get out more.
      These posts sound like you haven’t left the house since the eighties.

    • @Captain Sarcastic: You need to attack the argument more. Sounds like you’ve always been attacking the person.

    • @atneater: “only nurse”?
      Nurse is a VERY tough job, both in the hard labor and emotional area.
      Many construction workers doing a nurse’s job for a month would gladly switch back.

      And men had the time to do the hard stuff as women were set to keep the house together and raise the children. Remember the times when there was no machines to help around the house? Like spending all your day doing the laundry?

    • @Effendi
      Yes, I know that and I surely meant the ‘only’ in another way than what you understood. Sorry for not making my statement more precise.
      And I know about the other stuff you mention, too. Men’s jobs were a lot harder in the past, too, mind. And it isn’t that long ago.

    • @Effendi: Not dismissing the hardship of being a nurse, but surely you must understand that a construction worker cannot simply jump into a nurse’s position and figure out after a short while that nah, I’ll go back into construction. I call BS.
      And while anecdotal, I was a stay-at-home dad for a few years, and it was like a vacation compared to the workforce. Would have done it longer, but I understand my pension would get screwed over if I’d done it for a prolonged period of time.

    • @Effendi: There might be some statistics of nurses going into construction because it’s so much easier to do. Maybe you can provide us with them? About statistics of construction workers studying into nursing, just to get back to construction b/c of the hardship, nah, BS.

  2. The Good German August 17, 2017

    Keep dreaming, guys. Women are fine without us.

    • Your mother wasn’t so fine without me last night.

    • Mr.ForgotMyOwnName August 17, 2017

      It goes both ways. Men need women like fish need bicycles.

    • The Good German August 18, 2017

      @Name Althrough I’m sure she was much much more fine than with you.

    • I did dremt August 19, 2017

      I did dreamt and i saw that men keep world going as all jobs what provides are done by men. Take men away it would be worse than any apocalyptic movie shows. Take women away world will go on still and men are stupid enough to recreate woman as it has written.

  3. Men at her feet….

  4. Oh God, this one’s TOO easy….
    Have fun, guys!

  5. women suck….

    • Not you, they don’t. Which presumably explains the bitterness.

  6. Men did all that to score some pussy….don’t kid yourself….Chicks got all the power….

  7. The Old Watcher August 19, 2017

    I remember the good old days when Eatliver used to be a comedy site with pure light hearted content.
    Not these depressing posts, mocking memes, offensive jokes and discussion forum for political matters.
    Look at the older posts, that was the Eatliver people loved, not this pathetic cluster of HTMLs it has become.
    There are a lot of places for people to discuss such matters, there is no need of it here. We come here to laugh not debate.
    Eatliver, please post content that can be called Funny, not Sarcastic. Post something people will laugh upon, not fight.

  8. My wifes first husband August 19, 2017

    Pretty woman has two guys doing her bidding. SJW’s admire her power.

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