Brave Internet Warriors



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  1. Weird beards, bad clothing and weapons seem to be a thing now.
    First signs of trumpination of mankind.
    Soon we all will be orange clowns with weird beards, guinea pigs on our heads, no taste in clothing and guns.

    • These types of pictures have been circulating the interwebs long before Trump. So, you want to rethink what you posted?

  2. Bob of the Loyalsock January 24, 2017

    I don’t see rugs on the wall so it’s not Russia.
    Must be Pennsylvania.

  3. Justin The Smartypants January 25, 2017

    Now what was that song. Don’t tell me. No don’t tell me… Ah!…. No gone again….
    Ah yes yes yes…….It’s in my head…….Nah gone again.
    Oh of course. Get a Frontal Lobotomy & get a Real Job

  4. I gained about 200Lbs just from scrolling through

  5. El toro Ferdinando January 25, 2017

    No, no, Kauf. You really shouldn’t get in a gun fight when you are so fat that your opponent can’t miss.

  6. Heat Burglar January 25, 2017

    I used to have a gray space heater just like that. I’d plug it into the landlords electric outlet in the hallway.

  7. I thought that the sign on the door behind No.6 was singularly inappropriate for the subject.

  8. Bubba and Joe Bob January 25, 2017

    Me and Joe Bob has seen some people like this. They turned out to be serial killers especially the fat guy with the machete. He gots them “killer eyes.”

  9. The Logical Psycho January 25, 2017

    All i see in thou eyes is fear!
    Fear for semi-naked, extremely oversized, crossdressed, drug addict, stupid, unrealistic and psychopathic retard weapon wielder douchbags….
    i guess…i guess we should head up to somewhere else…

  10. The Good German January 25, 2017

    Which one is Kauf Buch?

  11. downwithlibtards January 26, 2017

    WOW, the ATF will have a hay day with this little collection of idiots!
    Oh, my, what morons……

  12. Glupyye Yanki April 5, 2018

    They makin’ America great again by defendin’ freedom from them LIBRULS!

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