Horrible Fashion Fails



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  1. There’s far more than just fashion fails here…

  2. Anonymous March 6, 2015

    Most of hem are simply BODY TYPE, WEIGHT fails ! Dont blame the fashion ! Most things- if would worn by NOT ugly-old-fat people- would look AMAZING :P

  3. Ann Onimous March 7, 2015

    Is it possible that at least one of photos was taken on Halloween?

  4. Some of them are creation fails.

    • I laughed way too hard at your comment, shamshoo. Well played, sir.

  5. I thought they were transvestite show”girls”.

  6. Every woman crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

  7. Normal person March 8, 2015

    The last guy in white looks great. the outfit and heels show off his amazing legs. Win.

    • No red headed Ginger March 21, 2015

      I thought the same thing about the white outfit, too. He’s carrying himself with confidence and the photo itself it really good..

  8. I dont understand this shaming of people who have the guts to wear what ever they want. Its fantastic that these people dont worry constantly what other people are thinking. These are not fashion fails, because these people dont try to be fashionable – they are just wearing what ever the want! You are just lacking the selfconfidence to be different from the “norm”.

    • wtf
      are you retarded? It doesn’t take guts to look like trash, it takes a lack of brain.

    • Not all freaks are heroes. Some freaks are just freaks.

    • That may true in part, and also: “Live and let live”. After all, It’s futile to try to influence someone against his will. But I do believe that apart from a lack of self respect (sounds harsh, I know) it stems from a feeling of insecurity and an innate longing for a sense of individuality which is sadly lacking in today’s harsh and soulless environment, where we feel increasingly like a mere number, a depersonalized cog in a machine. God does not want it like that ( Isaiah 43,1: Fear not, I have called you by your NAME). I’m not so sure whether these poor people are really happy and content with their lives.

    • But they have no self respect. No one that respects him or herself could go out looking like this.

    • Absolutely!!!

  9. Actually I get it – this terrible hipster/shit Fashion was created by ugly people, who couldn’t get their shit together, so they can pretend they are unique. It is simply the lack of willpower to actually dress good.
    Many people dress ok, but very few actually invest in their looks.
    Looking like a person who covered himself in superglue and ran through a second-hand store does not make you sepcial.

  10. Zenomorph March 9, 2015

    4th row of pics – that.. transvestite? in the metro .. dat alien leg.. by Jupiter..

  11. Zenomorph March 9, 2015

    Dude in golden suit and the pimp daddy right below him are Fashion wins.

  12. These people procreate and potentially vote. This may spell trouble.

    • Shadynooks48 April 3, 2015

      I so agree, VietVet44! Thank you for your service in ‘Nam. I lost several good friends in that war.

  13. well they are germans and I am guessing it was at “mardi grass”.

  14. Shadynooks48 April 3, 2015

    Just another sign of the times. Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. I live in a conservative atmosphere and surroundings and I thank God everyday for that!

    • Poor you. All those vile, hate mongering (filthy behind closed doors) tory/conservative (lace knicker wearing) morons.

  15. welcome to walmart

  16. This post is just making fun of fat people, poor people, FREAKING AWESOME people, kids, and Halloween costumes. I didn’t see a single one I would call a “fashion fail”. Thumbs down.

  17. The guy in red is straight PIMPIN!

  18. Anonymous May 18, 2015

    The Doctor told me that if I finished my meds, I’d be back to normal. I can’t wait. Then, I’d like to see a few of these lovelies in person because I’m having trouble finding a date. Marriage might also be in the cards if things worked out. I just hope they have a job.

  19. I think it’s great that these people are taking all that left over merchandise off the store shelves so we can get fresh new stuff.

  20. Imagine seeing this and seeing your Dad or Mum !

  21. One can but hope they never reproduce

  22. It’s just clothing….. Most of them look amazing….there are some really creative ideas, and people there….i’d like to see more of them than stinking tory plebs.

  23. Most of them look amazing??? Obviously, this opinion is delivered by someone who needs glasses or a psychiatrist. These are sorry examples of people with low self-esteem, a desperate need for attention and a lack of mirrors in their houses.

  24. flamelily June 7, 2016

    Ohmygoodness ! – WTF are the Aliens going to think when they land on this planet ? ” Calling all iterplanitary, extraordinary craft – Dont land on Earth, – repeat don`t land on earth, weird dress code, – to infinity nd beyond ! ” ( I will never be the same after seeing this post !

  25. maybe these ARE the aliens…. :-)

  26. well it’s ALL scary! lol

  27. I love the first one. That man rocks short pants and his outfit is well-balanced and matches his figure.
    Also, the red pimp man looks pretty neat.

  28. Anonymous May 9, 2021

    No class and gay. That’s what happens

  29. People are all beautiful. Some have issues. Be grateful its not you.
    Live your life because it goes soooo quickly… peace to all you fools!!✌🤙🤟👍🤝

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