The Greatest Joke Ever

Harold always delivers the best jokes... but this one... this one just takes the cake. Need gas money? Just fart in your wallet!

15 thoughts on “The Greatest Joke Ever”

  1. Same face shape as Jean-Peirre, something she would say as well. Wrong color and maybe wrong sex though (as far as I can tell).

    I would say this mostly false: Jean-Peirre and the regime are not saying you should fart in your wallet to have gas money…at this time.

  2. Best summary of Crypto to be had for any price.

  3. Why is there his face, on the apple, on the second picture?

  4. Good catch on the apple face. Only about 6% of people would see that. As to the crypto comment, it’s like anything else. You snooze you lose. There’s plenty of people who got rich on it. You’ll see it go up, way up, again. China alone is spending billions to mine it still. Why do you think they’re doing that…

  5. The answer to your question is that no one gives a Sh1t.

  6. ^ send this man an ambulance, he’s clearly having a stroke

  7. June 23rd, A day to remember. Yup everyone who contributed are all
    stupid poopy heads.

  8. Pron model from Landlords other site wants to learn Paint.

  9. Just remember when the dollar collapses, and it will, Bitcoin will be just fine. Ask China

  10. Pay to fill this guy’s gas tank, Woogie.

  11. American tears. Suddenly they have to pay real money for gas like everybody else. Sad.
    Time to invade some country for oil?

  12. Bitcon. Sure.

  13. They pay for everything anyway. The US was even dumb enough to reimburse Europe for the money they gave Ukraine. Idiots always grabbing the check. Even when they can’t afford it. Won’t be long now.. dollar going bye bye

  14. Yeah, sure. Better get some Ruble and Renminbi, right? Blood money.

  15. Ruble is up 13% now I believe thanks to Biden Russia is doing better financially then they have in years. LGB!

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