Comedian Is Covering California In Fake Posters and They’re Brilliant


Featured below are some of the best fake posters by comedian Jason C. Saenz who drives around California and posts them around for unsuspecting victims to find.


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  1. True American Too July 29, 2017

    California is truly the land of fruits and nuts. I live in Gomorrafornia and I know.

  2. Who cares, Hillary will never be president.

    • Who mentioned Hillary?

    • trumpateers response to any questions about what drumph has done: “BUT HILLARY…”

    • @j: Please don’t capitalize words, you will attract Kauf Buch.

  3. Comedian? More like a jobless loser who himself has lost touch with reality.

  4. “The only classy thing I know that came out of California is the roller derby.”

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