Facebook Preachers



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  1. I have never had anyone preach any religion to me on Facebook. Probably only happens in the US, Iran or other less developed countries.

  2. I have no facebook, I have no friends and I have no faith. Wtf?

  3. Sarah Palin December 3, 2014

    All Atheists deny the truth. Why can’t they think more like I do?

    • Why do atheists proselytize even more than the biggest bible thumpers?

  4. Another reason to not bother with facebook.

  5. If someone unfriends you for something so benign, then they weren’t your friend to begin with and you don’t need ’em around anyhow. Good riddance. This is another example of “I believe in tolerance and equality as long as it fits into MY own narrow-minded views.” You people are no different than the intolerant fundamentalists. You’re both blatant hypocrites. If you didn’t want them to practice their right to freedom of speech on your Facebook timeline, then why did you friend them in the first place? I have a sneaking suspicion it was just so you’d have something to bitch about.

  6. The entire Facebook just magically popped into existence ex nihilo for the atheist drooler anyway, so don’t worry those of you who are rational.

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