Cartoon That Offends Nobody



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  1. gerbil with jetpack January 7, 2015


    • Border and letters are black, so no. But I suspect that this cartoon may actually be secretly misogynistic. I don’t know why… I just get that vibe…

    • @LandLord - Lena Dunham January 8, 2015

      Dear LandLord,
      I find your picture depicting the male preference for virginity deeply offensive and misogynistic. While white, the representation of virginity, the wedding dress for example, was a tradition in legacy culture it no longer is in our brave new enlightened world. Please take this offensive pic down and make a public apology for this outrages offensive post on your site!
      PS: what dorm were you about 15 years ago when I was in university, my publisher would like to know?
      Lena Dunham (no relation to Ann Dunham [as far as I know])

  2. The New Yorker posted it first. A long time ago.

  3. Old Angry Dude January 7, 2015

    In 1905? Because everything that has happened after 1905 is not “long time ago” by my standards.

  4. That’s blasfemy. You can’t post a picture of god.

  5. As a nihilist I feel really offended.

    • You don’t seem to get it. You should feel honored to get some space over here.
      And actually, this is – as a “cartoon” – offensive to all of us who are looking for a cartoon.

  6. Political Correctness is censorship. I’m offended.

  7. The “Religion of Peace” can always find something to be offended about. We’re with you France.

    • Texas sez... January 8, 2015

      Maybe violent soultions for violent problems? Personal opinion here – perhaps some countries need to clean house and expell vermin. Before anyone gets their shorts in a wad, I’m not saying we (America) should send anyone away, although we have our share of vermin. Terrible things done in the name of any religion is an abomination to all mankind.

    • The CiviLIEzation of Trickery can always find a way to push its agenda anywhere. We’re neither with Francs nor with the rats.

  8. Why is it square?? Is there no room for circles in your bigotry. How sad,

  9. No halal jokes, please January 8, 2015

    Being feared is nothing. Being despised, even, can be lived with. But being laughed at – that’s fatal” -Isaac Asimov, ‘Forward the Foundation’

  10. Allah Akbar January 8, 2015

    This is offensive…

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter January 9, 2015

      As an atheist I find this drawing of my belief quite offensive. I will blow up an apple store and take hostages in a server farm.

  11. Since mohammed can’t be drawn, this must be a picture of mohammed. Never underestimate muslim “logic”.

    • we put moHAMmed in a bear suit and they still issued a fatwa

  12. Ash Ketchum January 9, 2015

    I’m white and I find this offensive!

  13. Thank you. At last I feel recognized as a self-effacing, non-existent, mutist. But, please mind your spelling in the future.

  14. This picture has clearly been photoshopped.

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