Extremely Awkward Couples



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  1. Cats > Pictures of psycho couple with gun and stretchmarks. Meow!

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob March 10, 2016

    We don’t know where or how you got them pichers, but at least two of them couples is kinfolks to Joe Bob and mebbe one is kin to me. But we aint gonna tell ya which ones. Our fambiles come from a long line of farmers so thats a hint.

  3. What’s so awkward about the couple with the pregnancy test. Yeah, well, he doesn’t seem to be too fond of becoming a father (or her becoming the mother of his children). Big deal.

  4. The one with the “13” tattoo on her face and her boyfriend both need bullets through the head. That’s for “MS13”.

  5. definitely not pc March 14, 2016

    It’s frightening that they can all breed & vote!

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