Extraordinary Self Photos


Finnish artist Iiu Susiraja creates photographic self-portraits. She captures herself in extremely unusual┬áscenarios…


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  1. Do they not smile in Finland?

  2. What is this I don’t even

  3. Man! Thought only American were capable.

    • Do you tell your goat bedtime stories?

    • When I was in Europe last year there was one thing that stood out prominently: most of the people I saw looked something like this:
      I had a great time silently laughing my *** off. If you all weren’t so haughty, vain, and stuck up. If you didn’t have this illusion (or delusion) of self-import, if you’d take off your blinders and really have a good look around, you’d realize that we aren’t that far apart, sweetie. But, no. You keep right on holding tight to those delusions of grandeur. Just know that I’m not laughing with you, I’m laughing AT you.

    • Italiano Medio April 20, 2015

      @ Charlie
      Ignorants are everywhere regardless of gender, race, nationality, age and social status.
      You had a point till you started to generalize and say “if you all”. You can’t possibly know what all hundred of millions of Europeans think or say.

  4. how is this “extremely unusual scenarios”??
    More like… I was bored one saturday… and took some dumb selfies…

  5. Just sayin' October 23, 2014


    • Any wacko becomes an “artist” nowadays.
      Rich morons become “excentric”.
      Only the poor remain stupid..

    • hmh.. The only really eccentric rich persons I can imagine are Richard Branson and Brian Blessed (though the latter is not overly rich).

  6. btw wiener bird flippimg is hilarious

  7. Castillioin October 23, 2014

    This is obviously the artist’s way of describing her inner depression fuelled by Society’s attitude to overweight people. The food is used to full artistic effect and the despair in her eyes mirrors the pain in her soul… My eyes are filling up….

  8. She may think that this is art. It is not art. These photos are framed poorly, the lighting is bad, and the subject is uninteresting and uninspired.
    If that’s the intent – to make bad photos – then I suppose it’s a form of art. But it is not art.

    • To call it “uninspired” shows ignorance on a level that quite frankly scares me. You could say her art is uninspiring, as in it doesn’t inspire YOU. But to say it is uninspired? She must have been inspired by something, no matter how big or small. And I personally think these photos are incredible.

    • Read Castillioin’s comment.

    • You’re mistaking craft for art by the way.
      If there’s a concept behind it, then it’s art. Like it or not, it’s a different matter.

  9. She is either a genius or a complete and total idiot.

    • Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive, ya know. Take the morons who do their parkour stunts on high rise buildings like they’re some knd of methed out Spiderman.
      The other day I watched a video of a guy who was set to do back flips along the edge of a building. Can you guess what happened next? That’s right, he missed. He missed and went plunging to his death. A complete and total idiot if there ever was one.

  10. All of this blows 90% of modern art out of the water.

  11. Love these.

  12. Love you imagination and sense of humor.

    • I think these pics are really funny. I never knew the Finn’s had such a good sense of humor (compared to most of these comments).

  13. Modern art doesn’t have any duty to decorate, please, replicate the reality. Yeah, some might be shallow, might look shit, might be self-indulging, lack substance and form etc. but then there are some great works which ask what “art” actually means nowadays, does it actually need an object/expensive fetish for the rich gallery owners skilfully made to be still be called art.
    Personally I think she asks about the body image (would you like those photos more if it was a half naked model?). I find it amusing. The whole discussion on teh internetz is still a continuation of this project and the actual work of art. However it’s not something I would do. I prefer actual paintings :)

  14. I looked through them, read the comments and looked again. Nope, still don’t get the t

  15. This is why there are starving children in the world. Someone is eating more than their fair share.

  16. What a load of pretentious bollocks – some fat chick with nothing better to do than take photo’s of herself posing with various items does not make art, nor her a genius! Anybody who thinks this series of drivel is inspiring needs to get out more – get out, like right now, and not come back in for a couple of months, alternatively get dam Job… Preferably a real one, an not one that requires one to be a prat!

  17. I love the one with the sardines in the oven mits. Some people are calling this not art, but I think that one is definitely art. Well done.

  18. Art is depends on how you sees it, explains it and it’s futile, there’s no gold pot at the end of the rainbow, just some shi tty moss and maybe dog poop

  19. yes we do smile in Finland :))

  20. The neck tie is so out. Time for the boob tie to prevail.

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