Can’t Believe It’s Almost 2021


Time flies when you're stuck at home, broke, drunk, and full of existential dread.


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  1. Only if your a brain washed sheep.

  2. you’re

  3. OMG! Grammar Nazis! People love grammar Nazis! They are always the best people in the room. No hold on. Grammar Nazi’s. There. I’m so excited.

  4. Is everyone that posts anything a Trump Nazi? He’s gone now. Seek help.

    • He’s gone? Then who is that idiot contesting the outcome of a fair election?

      If he’d just leave peacefully and be gone for good, I’d be more than happy to never bring him up again.

  5. Nonsense. He’ll live in your head forever! Your in love with him. He’s your daddy. Trump will be blamed by the Left for Biden’s entire administration. Which will be short of course. Willie Brown’s old Ho will be in in no time. Looking at his geriatric cabinet picks. Getting the the old team together again. Maybe Killary will get a spot. Obama 2.0. Bye bye GDP. Good times…

    • Once the propaganda stops and the facts filter through, the GOP will disown Trump.
      Interesting statistic: the counties that voted for Biden make up 2/3 of the GDP.

  6. Once the TDS dies down and the facts filter thru Trumps accomplishments will make him one of the greatest Presidents in history. What he did for Blacks and Hispanics alone is enough for that. Before the pandemic they had the highest employment rate EVER. He got into 0 wars and is drawing down our troops in the Middle East. Ending the stupid cycle of endless wars. But if your honest, you’ll see Biden and his war hawk cabinet reverse all of that. Watch and see.

    • He will go down as one of the worst presidents ever. He was lucky to inherit a well-running economy, but nevertheless was not able to balance the books. His legacy will be his narcissism, non-stop lying, multiple attempts at election fraud, bullying of allies and kissing up to dictators, a failed trade war and the mishandling of covid. The promised to drain the swamp, but ended up adding an extra dimension to it.

  7. The Obama economy!? Man you really know nothing about the country you constantly &#@* on. I enjoy the ridiculous posts here because it’s funny to see such stupidity on display but out right lies just show the weakness of your daily negative propaganda.

    • Google some facts. “But even looking at the three years before COVID-19 made a mess of things, the U.S. economy under Trump performed about the same as it had during the last three years under President Obama. On some economic measures, it was a little worse, on others a little better — but on the whole, not markedly different. And it was a far cry from the best ever. “

    • That was from the LA Times.

  8. New York Times, CNN as well No doubt. Yellow journalism is the the new black.

  9. Circumspector November 30, 2020

    Writing is a projection of mind. If you can’t make a sentence can you still make a sense? Humour is a probe of attitudes. It can reveal a lot of the subject and the humorist too. Bad grammar is just mental lethargy.

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