Evolution vs. Intelligent Design



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  1. Selective Breeding

    • Which IS intelligent design with genetics.

    • @Euro
      Except it’s not. Intelligent Design created the wolf. (GOD) marginally-intelligent humans manipulated wolf genetics through breeding. Human intelligence is one step above animal. Human science is primitive, only marginally-intelligent people think otherwise. Yet the same marginally-intelligent humans seem to make proclamations that God doesn’t exist. Clueless Laughable

    • No actually the pug fits the definition of intelligent design. They have numerous physiological problems (they have breathing issues from a short snout, some have the tongue that sticks out, the bugged out eyes can more easily get injured or pop out, etc). The appearance of the pug was “designed” through selective breeding. The goal was to make a friendly dog that was playful, mostly harmless and “cute”. You can call humans marginally intelligent, but that is still some intelligence that had a hand designing the form of the pug.
      Besides the absurdity of something like a “God” existing, the thought that they would create malaria, probably the biggest bringer of human death throughout our species existence, really makes me think if he existed he must be completely devoid of any love for us.

  2. Swedens Emperor December 1, 2015

    @Neter intelligent deisgn = ”god”? Dude, it’s 2015. Really?

    • Don’t know how reply to Neter directly and instead started your own thread beneath? Dude, it’s 2015. Really?

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