Unicorn Being a Jerk


Unicorn Being a Jerk” is a¬†hilariously¬†twisted book written and illustrated by C. W. Moss. Here are my favorites:

You can get this evil book on Amazon.


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  1. Appears to be where the idea for Bojack Horseman came from.

  2. His kids look nothing like him.

  3. Unicorn is a Republican? Who knew?

  4. Ann Onimous October 29, 2014

    Someone once told me they were going to show me a one-of-a-kind trumpet. I told them that I do not believe in unique horns.

  5. IsItJustMe? October 29, 2014

    what’s wrong with burning ants?

  6. Unicorn should have known that baby seals are full of fat and burns much better than the ants. Burn them instead (or both for twice the fun).

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