This Twitter Account Pairs Cat Pics With Metal Lyrics…



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  1. Nothingsacred September 17, 2017

    Wow! Metal lyrics are stupid

    • We are the footprints across the sands
      We are the thumb on a stranger’s hand
      We made a promise in the night
      Swearing to heaven Is this a promise we keep
      Or one we Break Like The Wind
      We are the guests who have stayed too long
      We are the end of the endless song
      We send our hearts into the night
      Soaring to heaven
      And will out hearts still beat on
      Or will they Break Like The Wind
      Oh, Break Like The Wind.

    • Nothingsacred September 17, 2017

      Is that a song about a fart?

    • That’s Spinal Tap, right? Gotta be Spinal Tap. Please let it be Spinal Tap and not a “real” band. Or real “band”.

    • Rattus, Spinal Tap was a “real” band. Their bona fides include: starred in a major motion picture, released 3+ albums, sued their record company and at least 5 of their drummers died.

  2. Here Kitty kitty kitty kitty
    Victims of the Cat
    Victims of the Cat
    Victims of the Cat

  3. Why isn’t all posts about cats? Clearly they are superior, compared to posts about politics, midgets and life hacks.

    Cats > Other things.

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