Syrian Refugees Escape Route



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  1. I bet EUro has a perfectly good explanation for this.

    • PatronasKitty7 March 6, 2016

      Maybe LogiC too…

    • I am not EUro, and I don’t have a perfectly good explanation, but one reason surely is that Greece and Italy for instance already host quite a few refugees and some countries such as Poland and Hungary have far more xenophobe people than Germany (who, too, have their fair share). Furthermore, Germany is considered as one of the richest countries in Europe with reasonable infrastructure and a pretty good economy, unlike many other of the countries on that map. Moldova for instance is a pretty poor country and others such as Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and so on haven’t been in the EU for a very long time and still play catch-up economically with the western part of Europe. Austria though is a rather rich country, too, but they have a rather right wing government (the German government is considered as conservative, which might be considered moderately right).
      Actually, many Syrian refugees stood at camps in Turkey near the border, but started migrating when Germany (probably amongst others) stopped or reduced their payments to the UN Refugee Council, hence they didn’t get the sponsorship anymore to buy food. What would you do in such a situation? Go to a country where the locals severely attack you and which can’t really afford to feed you or to a country where only a few attack you and that can afford to feed you (and is also looking for cheep labour, rising rents so those who have flats to let get richer and so on).

    • anteater nailed it pretty well.
      Anyways this map shows the supremacy of the western society compared to the islamic way. Without being arrogant it is right to say the islamic world is around 500 years behind the west. More violent and socially underdeveloped. An irony if you remind yourselves that the east was once much more sophisticated than Europe. Somewhere in history the east fell behind and made steps backwards. But even Europe was slowed down. Without christianity the west would be much more advanced these days.

    • In addition to EUro’s comment may I add that much of todays riches in Europe stem from way back when slavery was en vogue. Economy grew fuelled by cheap cotton.

  2. Dieter Gallen March 6, 2016

    Are you kidding me, eatliver? As if there were no refugees in countries around germany? You idiots.

    • Sure there are… because local border guards are refusing to let them leave and continue their trip to Germany or Sweden where they can get the biggest benefits.

    • I agree, and also most refugees who eventually have turned out to ‘follow after cash’ have been from Iraq, not from Syria. Not a successful picture humorwise, at all.

    • I was agreeing with Dieter…

    • @Hermit so Iraq borders Germany?

    • Sweden and Germany host most of them per capita. Poland host a few hundred. But you are right. The image is strongly misleading.

    • Hell Toupee March 7, 2016

      @anteater, Turkey hosts far more than Germany, both in total number and as a percentage of population, so do Lebanon and Jordan. When you break it down to refugees as a percentage of population there are lots of countries that host more than either. Here’s the numbers

    • Might well be true, Hell Toupee. Forgot to mention “in Europe”. I also know that there are more than a million Syrians in the Lebanon. Yet we still have people in Germany who feel invaded and burn down refugee shelters. Bunch of idiots if you ask me.

    • it’s a ridiculous map…

  3. I didn’t know this site supports dumb deceitful extreme right propaganda.
    Really disappointing..

  4. Woopsy Daisy March 6, 2016

    Pretty much all countries en route are bancrupt* and/or its citizen hate foreigners. Germany has one of the oldest populations in europe, so just go figure.
    * not at least cause germany ****** them over bad

    • So they ARE after money after all…

    • Yes, they are, Lolfosor. Money to buy food. Other countries can’t or won’t give them that.

  5. Those refugees have some nerve. First, they dare flee for their lives amid ceaseless war, death, and oppression. And then they have the sheer gall to aim to resettle somewhere where they might stand a chance of having a decent liufe for them and their children. Bastards!

    • So, for example Romania is good enough for Romanians but just not peaceful and overall good enough for war refugees? …or maybe, just maybe, those refugees are not really from Syria, as they claim to be…

    • ‘First, they dare flee for their lives amid ceaseless war, death, and oppression’.
      Foog- are you kind to explain which nation brought all this to their countries ?
      It was the US , my dear,(just to refresh your memory) so send a fleet of “hercules” and take them to US to protect them.We do not want them in Europe !! We do not like war , as you do!!

    • Reality calling March 7, 2016

      US should pull all military bases from Europe. No more defense welfare, let EU pull their own wagon.

    • Go ahead, Reality calling. And take your nuclear weapons with you. Why not pull your military places everywhere? Why not strengthen the UN (ah, I know, they won’t follow your bloody agenda)?

    • yeah, cuz we all know there were never wars in Europe and muslims never kill anyone before there was united states. so stupid.

  6. @Cosmim Yeah Europe has always been known for being very anti-war…

  7. The old man on the mountain March 7, 2016

    I like eatliver a lot and I must say I am disappointed that these kind of right-wing jokes are shown here. They flee because death, war and oppression in their home countries. They come to Germany because lot of the countries in Europe have forgotten what humanity and mercy means. As a German I consider it our duty to offer asylum for humans in need. And by the way – a refugee in Germany gets €143 per month.

    • While I am with you, you may check on those € 143 per month. That figure is definitely wrong (it might be right for asylum seekers with an insecure status, but those who have been granted asylum get more. The Bundesverfassungsgericht ruled some time ago that asylum seekers shall get the Grundsicherung, too).
      On a side note: Poland claims to be a Christian country. That Jesus bloke, he helped the poor, the weak, those not accepted by society, the strangers. What kind of Christianity do they do in Poland? They have obviously forgotten about Jesus Christ.

    • @ anteater March 10, 2016

      If you haven’t noticed, there is genocide against Christians by Muslims. Do you invite your enemies into your home and give them a place at your table?

  8. Just a thought. Most migrants fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq are Muslim. There are many Muslim countries far closer to them than Germany, but they will not accept refugees. It is a shame that these countries choose to ignore the plight of their fellow believers.

  9. This is really awful humour. Must be quite funny to post jokes like this when you leave on the other side of the ocean and you have the harshest “alien” procedures in the world (after Australia).

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