Weird and Mistranslated Asian Shirts



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  1. I'm a fan July 12, 2015

    That’s art. You just dont know s**t!

  2. Precise dwarf bravery

  3. Cristina Garat July 12, 2015

    “Think less. Stupid more” by far my favourite!

  4. That “Think less. Stupid more.” is pure gold.

  5. think less July 12, 2015

    whats wrong with that one? imho makes sense

  6. Troubleman July 12, 2015

    They have many shirt with potato. Latvian have no potato.

  7. I would like to see one that says “Help me I am forced to do slave work in Lin Zhou t-shirt factory.”

  8. We see “Crap your hands” and it looks wrong. But when they say it, it sounds right.

  9. Rural Juror July 14, 2015

    Meanwhile a Chinese website has photos of clueless Westerners with body tattoos in Chinese saying “chicken chop suey” and “kikoman soy sauce”.

  10. I don’t see a problem with “I don’t need life. I’m high on drugs.” That sounds like a parody of the classic anti-drug slogan, “I don’t need drugs. I’m high on life.” Similarly, the “good bitch/bad bitch” might well be a deliberate pun on “good witch/bad witch”.

  11. T-shirts with profound answers to existential questions.

  12. I wonder where the Asian page is of American’s with the Chinese symbol tattoos and their real meaning!

  13. There is a site in China with us wearing Chinese words that don’t mean s@#t… I’m sure, probably tattoos too..

    • No doubt! Plenty of stripper tattoos that are complete horseshit, but if you ask them, they’ll say, “oh, it means ‘strong surviver’ in sanskrit” or some other bs.

  14. seriously high on drugs… too bad they should get some improvement

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