I Just Ended a 5 Year Relationship…



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  1. gobsmacked scientist June 25, 2017

    All I could read was 5-year mission and starship

    • Not-fast-enough-Trotsky June 26, 2017

      5 year plan and Stalin, Stalin reminds me of Bernie, which reminds me of Trump, the anti-Bernie which makes me this this is another political comic. Darn the Landlord.

  2. Ordinary Person June 26, 2017

    About 96% of all relationships end because of someone else poking their nose in.

    • Your Friendly Neighbor June 26, 2017

      Sticking their nose in? More likely sticking something else! If you know what I mean…

  3. You mean a Penis.. I am quite sure you mean penis…

    • Truth Is the air June 28, 2017

      Unless the business was his every thing. She was justguilty and didnt want to admidt her guilt. Yeah pretty sure they meant penis.

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