There Are Plenty of Fish In The Sea

Don't worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Yeah but I've got my eye fixed on that specific, emotionally distant salmon who has commitment issues.

26 thoughts on “There Are Plenty of Fish In The Sea”

  1. Dutch Farmers Rock!

  2. You will eat bugs and own nothing and be happy.

  3. Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 had the highest ESG score in the world. 91. US is 51. Check your countries score. The high it is the closer you are to economic collapse.

  4. Looks like the US are closer to a political collapse than an economic one. GOP planning the next coup.

  5. What have any of these comments got to do with the pic? Mods, you need to start cleaning up the garbage before this site turns into /pol/.

  6. They have been. Anything that goes against the party line is deleted. And guess which party they are? That’s right, the Communist Party.

  7. Says the Nazi.

  8. She was dating a Netherlands farmer who found out she supported Labour and the Green Party. He also found out she had the mRNA GMO treatment and was infertile.

  9. Outside the US only fringe minorities believe the BS that has taken over your life.

  10. Those Americans are like people in the middle ages believing there are unicorns in the woods, sea monsters over the ocean and people from far lands are canibals.

  11. I am deeply concerned one of you sad sacks will be the next mass shooter.
    All of you fit the profile.

  12. The GOP will just be handed the seats this election. There is no coup. The only thing to blame are the failed ideologies and insane policies of the Left. Take responsibility for that and quite whining.

  13. True. Every conservative is a potential terrorist. It’s like a cult and a lot of hate against the modern world and people.

  14. If the GOP wins their slow coup succeeded. Instead of storming the Capitol they fraud themselves in.

  15. There’s no coup when people willingly had you the seats because.. well look for yourself. How could anyone vote for this nonsense.

  16. The American voting system allows the Republicans to get more seats than their real representation among the population would allow. Means they are minority getting disproportionate number of seats. So, basicly it’s fraud. And a coup. Because they will not allow future elections under their rule.

  17. My party is going to lose not because they are corrupt and incompetent, but because, (insert ridiculous excuses here). Remember, China Joe got more votes then Obama. 🤣😂

  18. Trump invests millions China, calls Xi great leader – idiot Trump followers call Biden “China Joe”.
    You can’t make that up. Scientists should disect your moronic brains so science learns how stupid human can become.

  19. Fascists always made up fake stories about their opponents. The Trump cult is no difference.

  20. Obsessed with him you are.

  21. He’s a cancer. Yes, democracy is obsessed with him, because he is deadly.

  22. No. Not democracy, just you. It’s all in your own minds. And the US is NOT a democracy. It’s a constitutional Republic. Way different.

  23. And what Trump did is acceptable in a constitutional republic?

  24. Show us on the doll where the Orange Man hurt you.. Biden is your Daddy now. Give em a hug, but watch out, he’s kind of handsie

  25. *points at america on the globe on the shelf*

  26. Haha clever.

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