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  1. Y u so political, eatliver?
    Btw, you’re wrong.

  2. Ok, the second sentence was a bit too meta.
    But, now that you’re asking: Wrong, like that there is not always the direct link which is implied by that comic. See http://bit.ly/2i89Dvc for a counter example. People do not get angry about you because you opened your borders to them.

    • Lazier Than Thou December 28, 2016

      Of course people don’t get angry you opened your borders to them, they exploit that you opened your borders to them because they hate you! Hatred comes first, then the terrorism.

    • Of course not!
      They get angry because
      their Supreme Being COMMANDS
      you SUBMIT* to them OR BE DESTROYED.
      * (FYI: that’s what the word “islam” means….)

  3. The Berlin attacker was a dangerous man, even the Moroccan authorities had warned Germany, but their (our) authorities totally failed.
    It is quite cheap to extrapolate from single idiots, no matter whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or whatever, refugees or locals, to the entire group. If this generalisation is used, then it should be used all of the time. Oh, look, three white Germans killed 10 people over the period of six years. All Whites and all Germans must be terrorists, right? Oh, look, a white US-American police officer shot an unarmed youth. All US-American police officers and all whites shoot unarmed youth.
    No, I don’t deny that there are arseholes amongst refugees. There are arseholes amongst every group of people.

    • Exactly. There will always be terrorists and they will always find a way to attack. There is no fail proof protection for anyone. They know they can’t win. All they want is to spread fear to give their meaningless little lives some kind of perverted reason. Religion is always a good perverted reason for that. But there is also political terrorism. Like russian hacker attacks.

    • btw: He was from Tunisia, not Morocco.

    • When you allow people into your nation who want to terrorise your nation into their theocracy, don’t be surprised when they attack you, I mean, you let them in, offered them your living spaces, women, children, and money, you’re getting exactly what your rulers wanted you to have. And you’re here defending it.

    • It has something to do with freedom. Something americans have forgotten. Something americans gave away in the last election. Something you only miss when it’s lost.
      Go, build walls, close your borders, give up freedom. The terrorists from the outside will have defeated you and the terrorists from within will rule.

    • @D
      I know that he was from Tunisia, but still Moroccan authorities have warned German authorities. At least that is what some media outlets have reported.

    • @Tariq
      No. You are simplifying this a lot here. First of all we did let people into our country who fled war.
      Yes, amongst them is a small minority of people who are thick and full of hatred and driven by fanaticism. That does not mean that everyone who doesn’t want to get killed in a war is an arsehole.
      Furthermore, may I point out to the fact that, amongst others, it is German weapons that make wars possible in the first place. Our country earns an awful lot of money by giving others the means to kill each other and to terrorise others.
      And may I add that actually does not stop with the delivery of weapons to warmongers. Germany, amongst others, actually takes part in that war in Syria, without the legitimation of international law.
      There is a clear correlation of a country bringing war and killing innocent people far away from their own country and some fanatics taking offence in this. They will then try to bring some of the terror that the allegedly better educated and advanced world brings to their homes back to the countries of origin.

    • Ahmed Mohammed El All Shaboom December 29, 2016

      …because so many attacks are by savage Lutherans and thier Amish henchmen, what an excellent point.

  4. Cats > Political Memes

  5. The Lone Wonderer December 28, 2016

    The clock at #5 is looking particularly distressed….

    • The old man in the montain December 28, 2016

      You know that’s because all these FOREIGN clocks are coming to Europe and taking jobs and doing unspeakable things to our dogs and so on…

  6. This site used to look exactly like my Auntie’s facebook feed: harmless vapid little jokes recycled from elsewhere. Now it’s looking more and more like my racist uncle’s facebook feed.

    • The old man in the montain December 28, 2016

      Well said Sir!

    • How the hell is this racist? It appears very accurate to me.

    • Peoples’ comments are racist. They are not better than terrorists.

    • No Caliphate December 28, 2016

      @FG So making a comment is worse than driving a lorry through a crowd of innocent people. YOU are part of the problem.

    • They began with posting hate in the internet too. Like you do. You are like them. Just another color on your banner of hate.

    • Dhimmi+loving-it December 30, 2016

      “So making a comment is worse than driving a lorry through a crowd of innocent people” – which is not what he wrote… which sort of shows your problem.
      And he is totally right: what the terrorists are doing would be pretty worthless if it wasn’t for people spreading hate and mistrust. These people want to take away our freedom, so how can it be the answer to take away our freedom ourselves? That would be a real submissive dhimmi move to make.

  7. scott gallant December 28, 2016

    There should be Croissants in there anywhere.

  8. Juke Jackson December 28, 2016

    It has been years since I have seen so much commentary on an Eatliver post.

  9. i still was at the christmas fair in berlin 5 minutes before the attack took place – had a snack and left. yes, felt a little weird afterwards. friends sent messages to and fro. went there again, put some down some flowers and candles, like everybody else. had a glühwein and a bratwurst, like everybody else. went on with my life – because this is berlin. we don’t destroy our own good life with walls and rules and panic and hatred. i don’t fear guys that kill 12 people here and next month another 15 elsewhere. I fear social media bullshit, sites likes this and freaks in kentucky that believe their fat hairy dumb ass knows the world.

    • Very good Sir! My mother was rather close to the bomb attack on the Munich Oktoberfest back in 1980. Guess what. To this day some still claim it was a single neonazi terrorist who did it, they never changed their attitude of having a blind spot when it comes to neonazi terrorism (NSU anyone) and millions of people have visited the Munich Oktoberfest since.
      As soon as we give up our freedom and our way of life, these very, very few fanatics have won.

  10. StopEUGunBan December 28, 2016

    Don’t forget the European Commission wants to implement stricter rules for legal gun ownership. Because the real threat are the law abiding citizens, yeah right. As if the terrorist would legitimately get their guns from the local gun store instead of smuggling them in from a third world country.
    I realize how most people feel about guns, especially after all the biased crap you see on the news, but to completely disarm ourselves while the terrorist cells are getting larger in numbers and more armed than ever does NOT seem like the best solution.
    I am *not* saying we need to fight violence with more violence, cause that never works but at least give honest people a chance to defend themselves and their loved ones.
    If anybody is interested you can find more info here:

    • I have never owned a firearm in my entire life and I have never felt insecure enough to feel the need of owning one.
      Anyway, legal gun ownership in most European countries would mean that one is allowed to own a gun and that it has to be locked away in a safe compartment. By no means at all it would mean to carry a gun around in public. So, unless terrorist, such as the NSU in Germany, attack your private home, a gun will help you not one bit.

    • StopEUGunBan December 28, 2016

      I realize this is NOT the USA and only a very small minority cares about guns around here but you missing the point: why compare legitimate European gun owners (which I remind you, must have a spotless criminal record in order to get and keep their guns and license) to terrorists? Because that is waht these laws are doing.
      You don’t make the life of the terrorists more difficult by restricting law abiding citizens.
      Also, defending one’s home is a pretty important subject, if you are a young male I bet you feel pretty safe but what about elderly people and women? They cannot be expected to defend themselves bare hands against intruders.

    • The Good German December 28, 2016

      You don’t need an AK-47 at home or in your backpack. EU is banning weapons of war like assault rifles in private hands.
      And I’m fine with the fact people are not allowed to carry weapons around in public. We see in the U.S. what happens if every idiot is allowed to carry a gun. Like that piece of s*** that killed a child firing blindless on a car that didn’t move fast enough for his comfort.
      The less weapons in public the better. Statistics tell us we are right. Terrorists and criminals will always get a weapon but armed citizens don’t make the streets more safe. The USA are the best example of that fail where too many idiots with legal weapons make a greater thread than terrorists.

    • 12 murders in Chicago over the Christmas holiday. Not a single 1 of the murderers was obeying the law. Meanwhile hundreds of millions of legally owned and stored firearms around the country successfully killed nobody.

    • The Good German December 28, 2016

      Funny, the newspapers speak of at least 27 victims this christmas. Whole year around 745 in Chicago alone. Less than 300 in e.g. Germany for a whole country in 2015. Most of them were not done not by guns. 94,8 % cases got solved.
      Easy gun, easy murder.
      You americans can’t comprehend the security, freedom and less bigotry we enjoy even with some nutjob terrorists lurking around.

    • Good German once again exposes his addiction to brain-dead Leftism and ignorance.
      Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in America.
      And yet blacks go wild killing other blacks.
      Don’t blame the TOOL, moron; it’s the idiots misusing the tool.
      And, FYI, there is NO SUCH THING as an “assault” weapon; that’s Leftist drivel PROPAGANDA terminology. AKs and ARs are merely modern, single-shot (AKA semi-automatic), CIVILIAN versions which LOOK LIKE military rifles.
      But GO AHEAD: stay defenseless against the islamic barbarians in your midst.
      YOU are the suicidally nihilistic fool; don’t force others to suffer due to YOUR ILLNESS.

    • StopEUGunBan December 28, 2016

      @The Good German
      Let me start by saying that I see your point very well, I used to be anti-guns many years ago before slowly starting to change my mind on the matter as I got closer to this “passion” and eventually ending up as a competitive IPSC shooter. I get it, I have been there, plus the media constantly “bomb” us with bad stuff about guns which makes it really difficult to like them.
      About the AK: a civilian version of an AK-47 in the EU has pretty much nothing to do with the real deal. I am talking about its mechanisms. The ammunition capacity has been limited and it can only shoot in a semi-auto fashion while the “real” versions (the one that TERRORISTS and CRIMINALS use) have no magazine limits and are FULLY AUTOMATIC (which means it keeps shooting as long as you keep your finger on the trigger). A civilian AK-47 is mechanically just like any other sport/hunting rifle, the only difference is that it *looks like* the military counterpart.
      The only time a black rifle was used for a mass murder in Europe was in 2011 in Norway by the hands of Anders Behring Breivik and that weapon had been ILLEGALLY acquired, so the murder would have happened anyway, with our without gun ban.
      Let’s just look at our close neighbors Switzerland and Czech Republic which are full of firearms: in Czech Republic it is even allowed to walk around with a weapon on one self (concealed carry) just like it happens in most of the United States of America. But from our European neighbors we do not hear about mad men that completely lose their minds and shoot at unarmed civilians. Why?
      Clearly the easy guns in USA are just the tip of the iceberg of a problem actually inherent in their society and every massacre is artfully exploited in a pitiful political game: an opportunity for the Democrats to push more “gun control” and at the same time for the Republicans to reiterate that every American has the right to be always armed, even in “gun free zones” because “you never know what lurks in the shadows, plus the second amendment says so!”.
      I say that their greatest enemy is their own mentality, that the guns there (and I repeat THERE) are a big problem but even more serious is the fact that the most powerful nation in the world can carry on surrounded by these kind of massacres as if they, in the end, were perfectly normal.
      We are NOT the USA. We have a very effective gun control (it is difficult to get a license, plus if you do anything against the law and/or somebody sues you for any reason you lose your guns in the EU) and most importantly, we have a very different mentality. I am *not* asking you to start liking guns but please try to keep an open mind on the matter and look it from my point of view: I maintain an impeccable lifestyle, I do my best to be honest and friendly, I am only about family and work and on a sunday afternoon I like to go and shoot with my friends. I don’t hurt anybody, why should I be treated like a terrorist?

    • The Good German December 28, 2016

      I still don’t see why you would need such powerful weapons. Let me guess – ZOMBIE APOKALYPSE!?!?!

    • StopEUGunBan December 29, 2016

      That is an inconsistent question really. I don’t “need” it, it’s just an interest, a passion: I am a gun enthusiast, I am into the mechanics of such a weapon, the way it was designed and built, I enjoy hand loading the ammunition and experiment with the ballistics of such versatile caliber.
      I had it for 20 years already, all this time I proved I am a responsible person, that is why I was allowed to keep it in the first place. I simply don’t want it to be taken away just because the terrorists are using guns which look like mine. I am no terrorist.
      If we have to question what we really “need” in life then we could argue forever. Nobody in the first world really needs about 90% of the stuff we have. Why getting a BMW M3 when you can go around in an Opel Corsa?

    • The Good German December 29, 2016

      Get the Corsa. Easier to find a parking space these days.

    • StopEUGunBan December 30, 2016

      The Corsa represents an M4 of course.

    • Dhimmi+loving-it December 30, 2016

      The point you gun nuts are always failing to explain: why do the usa have soo many more people killed by guns than the civilized rest of the world combined?
      In europe theres probably more people who want to legalize marrying your pets than end gun control. So what? If you want to increase your risk of getting killed or incarcerated by 5 to 10 times, you know where to go.

    • EUdontBanGunsToBeginWith January 3, 2017

      “I am *not* saying we need to fight violence with more violence, cause that never works but at least give honest people a chance to defend themselves and their loved ones.”
      Actually you exactly said that. I mean. Word for word.
      Btw those gun control laws you speak about are adressing problems unrelated to terrorism. I don’t have any opinion on gun prolification, is it good or bad, I don’t care; but you actively try to get people armed against other citizens here. There may be good reasons to get a firearm, but to defend against terrorism that’s a load of crap. A gun won’t prevent a timed bomb from blowing, or a truc to rush in the crowd.
      Don’t come talking about “biased crap” only to spread yours here. That’s not even relevent to the immigration problem.
      People in EU can get weapons if they can prove they know how to use them properly. If you don’t have one, ask yourself the right questions.

  11. Another racist post by eat liver that distorts reality.
    The truth is that both Germany and Italy denied this guy the right to live there.
    He could still be in Germany even if it had a more strict immigration policy because he went to Germany from Italy. These are both Schengen countries without border control between them.
    Just admit you don’t like Asians.

    • Lazier Than Thou December 28, 2016

      What’s racist about it?

    • And it’s (shengen) working splendidly! Not only are adherents to a theocracy taking over your countries, your largest banks are on the edge of collapse! When they do collapse, they’re going to Cypress you into bailing out the banks with your deposits. There’s never been a better time to be in the eu! Also, islam has adherents of all skin colors, so it’s hardly racism to point out what the terrorists do is in the name of allah.

    • Still better than Trump’s kleptocracy. Enjoy your upcoming distress, civil war and third world status. A little civil war will do good for the US. Will teach them some modesty.

    • @Tariq
      “theocracy taking over your countries”
      Don’t know where you live, but you should come and visit Europe. You could then see with your own eyes that you are talking gibberish here.
      “your largest banks are on the edge of collapse”
      True that. The largest banks of the entire western world are. Was a clever idea to deal with credit derivates and such. Not.
      A cypress is a tree. Consider this before using it as a verb.
      And look up the modern meanings of racism. I too had to do it as I also grew up with this term being used for merely race and ethnicity related discrimination and prejudice.
      No need to thank me, Tariq. I help whenever I can. Cheers.

  12. No Caliphate December 28, 2016

    Islam is a religion, not a race.

    • The Good German December 28, 2016

      In that case it’s cultural racism. The term changed since you left school. Look it up before you criticize.

    • Good German needs to look up DHIMMI; he’s a good little one.
      He’s well-versed in TAQIYYA and KITMAN, as well.

    • Shouldn’t cultural racism be called culturism?

    • Blaming refugees for the actions of a fanatic who is not a refugee is irrational and plain stupid.
      The only thing in common this guy has with the refugees from Syria is that he is an Arab.
      Therefore, the motive for such a connection is clearly racism.

    • Kauf Buch should actually buy a book or two, and read it/them. Might enhance his overall life, education and widen his worldview.

    • The Good German December 29, 2016

      He was already told to read a book or two. But he already read the according to him two most important books. “The Holy Bible” and “Mein Kampf”.

    • Seems so, yes. Not sure whether or not a lot of education can be obtained by reading these two. Well, there surely is stuff about compassion and about supporting the poor, sick, weak, foreign in the holy bible.

  13. Europians are soooooooo stupid hahahah lol

    • The Good German December 28, 2016

      Yes. We will never be as msatr as you.

    • It’s amazing isn’t it? That poor German girl who was raped, murdered, and thrown into the river by an “asylum seeker”? Her parents are asking people to donate to immigration charities. There must be something in the water supply to make an entire continent into cuckolds.

    • @tariq most women in europe are raped or killed by their husbands or residents afaik. same in the us and elsewhere in the world. when your sister tells you “NO” it means NO.

    • Yes Tariq. The stuff in the water supply is called “education”. It teaches people, amongst other things, not to lump everything together.

  14. For those still in DENIAL…
    READ: “UK Muslims Chant: USA You Will Pay, Caliphate On Its Way”

    • A few weeks ago I saw a likewise frightening thing on tv. Some fat ugly americans chanted “Make america great again” and Trump, trump, trump”. The ugliest of them was you.

  15. The Logical Psycho December 29, 2016

    is the McDonald’s still open? i want to eat a pizza

  16. Stefano Consiglio January 10, 2017

    Too bad the main reasons why immigrants are flooding Europe is due to US political and military choices of the last decades: once again, it’s easy to preach when you live on the other side of the world and all you care is securing oil to yourself.

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