Twitter Users Share Their Most Awkwardly Embarrassing Situations



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  1. gobsmacked scientist May 10, 2017

    first world problems

  2. These are hilarious! I also sent a ‘lovey lovey kiss kiss’ message to my boss instead of my husband! Its embarrassing for the person on the receiving end too!
    When I was waiting for a train, I was once given a big wet kiss and hug by a total stranger who was mortified when he saw I wasn’t his cousin… but the people surrounding us were in fits of laughter while me and the stranger tried to crawl into the nearest hole!

  3. My dad was sitting outside our local off-licence(sell alcohol out of hours times) and a woman got in his car, put her seatbelt on and said “Wow, big queue in there!” Before realising she was in the wrong car.

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