Elon Musk’s Hairline

My future goal: to be so rich my hairline restores itself out of pure respect. Just like it happened to Elon Musk since he was at PayPal in 1999.

8 thoughts on “Elon Musk’s Hairline”

  1. Elon looks like an ugly chick in the 1999 photo. One only
    wonders if he has had conversion therapy.

  2. … said the kissless basement wizard.

  3. Kissless? Have you seen the women he’s had?

  4. On a long enough time line all billionaires look like George Soros.

  5. So what? That makes him one of around 650,000 people that have hair replacement work done every year.

  6. Glitter beards? Is my cup fruity??!

  7. Chicken Musk wants out of the Twitter deal. Loser.
    Also he didn’t start his companies. He takes them over and has the company history rewritten so he is listed as a founder. Has the real founders deleted. Loser.

  8. I for my part am not impressed.
    Justine Musk , Talulah Riley, Amber Heard, Grimes. Seems he is degrading to freaks and psychos.

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