Before elections vs. after elections.


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  1. Trump was ugly from the beginning – outside and inside. American people did vote him though. Ugly POTUS for ugly people?

    • That’s not nice. It’s true but not nice

    • Vlad from Wallachia January 28, 2020

      Are you an “asian”?

    • No, Vlad, too bad for you. Not even an inferior “slav”.

    • He’s a swamp king.

      If any of you thought he was actually going to drain the place, jokes on you. He hired the people who gave him money and worked with felons. ‘hire the best people…’ ha! I hope none of you are still falling for his lies.

    • Those idiots think it’s all fake stories from the “media”. Only Trump’s twitter account and Fox News tell the truth.

  2. How on earth did we get ourselves in a position where halfwits and morons are running our countries? No wonder up to 60% of people are dissatisfied with democracy.

  3. Crooked Trump February 1, 2020

    The crook absolved himself and America loves it. Crooked nation.

    • Behind doors it is already discussed to instate Trump as life long president.

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