Damn You, Egyptology!


Well I guess it all began when I started studying Egyptology. Yes, I thought it probably goes back to mummy issues...


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  1. It’s unbelievable that those ancient Egyptians were able to build their civilization without America’s help. Well, it didn’t last long. Europe just watched. They just should have asked us. America would have freed those slave workers at the pyramids and brought them democracy. Now look what Egypt has become.

  2. It is a crying shame watching America slide closer to socialism each time they elect
    another left leaning Democrat. It is your own fault allowing unrestricted immigration
    from leftist countries.

    • Oh, my naive friend... December 29, 2021

      If America is on Earth. And socialism is in the Andromeda Galaxy. Democrats would be sitting on the Moon. Republicans would be sitting on Mercury. As a foretaste of what to expect in Hell.

    • Since you are so a committed anti-socialist then you should never collect Socialism Security or Medicare which were both declared to be socialism by the Republicans at the time of their inception. And you might as well forget taxpayer funded for everyone public roads ,schools,police,libraries (that’s where the books live) and non-subsciption fire departments.

  3. By the standards of most western countries, the Democrats are right wing and the Republicans are extreme right wing, in some cases almost fascist.

    • This is true. As someone wrote the US spectrum for political parties is quite… narrow.

  4. Perhaps America learned their lesson about the Left now that the Democrats have had the power for a year. It only took a year. 2022 will show weather they learned anything. The polls show they may have but.. you never know.

    • You need a brain to learn a lesson in the first place. Could American learn any lesson they wouldn’t vote neither Republicans nor Democrat. It’s the same party, just another color. America is a scam.

    • I learned that in 2022 I should be going to the Weather Channel to get my weather information.

  5. Unfortunately the USA is no longer a functioning democracy. Things have been going downhill for a while but I suspect that they’ll really come to a head during the next election. Worst case scenario is civil war.

    • The right wishes nothing more than civil war. They thrive in chaos. Always has been that way. Not just America.

  6. Well.. we can’t all have a corrupt leader with 3 ethics convictions like socks Trudeau. Convictions. Not just allegations, convictions. So spare us the well Trump… Maybe spend some looking at your own countries failures. Indigenous child slaughter etc..

    • I’m not Canadian. I know the US have a higher body count than Canada. Not just the inland. Overseas too.

  7. You talk about indigenous child slaughter – What about the slaughter and suppression of the American natives in the USA, the extreme racism, slavery and so on.
    You don’t have a corrupt leader now, although a significant number of (mainly Republican) politicians are corrupt, but Trump was the most corrupt and incompetent president in the history of the USA. Somehow he’s managed to avoid conviction, mainly because a significant number of people in the USA political and judiciary systems are also corrupt, but the noose is tightening around him. Eventually Trum will get convicted.

    • But Socks Trudeau WAS convicted. Three time’s and was still re-elected. But it’s the US who are have the problem. Okay 🤪

    • Trump was convicted for his fake charity and fake university, and paid himself out of many other cases. Not to mention his two impeachments, where his brown shirts saved his neck because votes are more important than the country.

    • Nice try connecting Trudeau’s convictions with the dead children. But this may work on rightards. Not on normal people.

    • Trump’s pu**ygrabbin’ is on tape though. Convicted or not. And his tax evasion is obviously on paper. Otherwise he wouldn’t sue the heck out of it. Same with his coup papers.

  8. We reelected a convicted criminal but stop saying that and trash the country that didn’t reelect a criminal. Canadian logic.

  9. Anonymous: I voted to re-elect a criminal but don’t blame me because he wasn’t re-elected. American logic.

    • Made-up logic for made-up moralists. They are all the same, in all times.

    • 80 million voted for Biden. More votes then Obama. How many voted for the traitor Trudeau? Painting everything with the Trump sh@# brush doesn’t work. Just shows you have no other arguments.

    • You need to stop drinking, mate.

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