Easter Logic


Blessed Jesus, you have returned to us! In what meaningful way could we possibly honor your suffering, death and resurrection? EGGS!


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  1. That’s rabbit eggs.

  2. Easter and bunnies are stupid. Bring in the cats!

    Cats > Eggs

  3. South park – “the hare club for men” if you want the deeper meaning.

  4. More fun @ Halloween

  5. Eggs are a fairly modern take on Easter. It is to symbolise life because all life comes from eggs/ova. The chocolate egg was invented in the last 100 years I believe. The traditional way to celebrate Easter is to go to church and give thanks for Jesus’ laying down his life for human kind and also – similar to Christmas – it is a time of feasting.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 28, 2018

      It’s eggs because it was forbidden to eat eggs during the period of fasting. So the masses of eggs the hens layed during this time were cooked, painted and given out as a gift at easter.
      Also the egg is a much older symbol of life, fertility and spring. Christians stole a lot of rituals and traditions from former religions in order to make the transition for the more or less converted easier.

    • salmonella March 29, 2018

      Yo, AFF – go suck an egg. Bring your granny.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 30, 2018

      A small addition as I forgot to mention: In the old times, before the eggs were given away as presents, it was custom to give them to your feudal lord in order to pay the feu. They were colored to mark them as cooked.

    • Dumber than dirt dictionary March 31, 2018

      1) Feu: also known as Lao beef stew, Lao beef noodle soup or feu noodle soup and sometimes spelled fer is a long-simmered Lao stew or noodle soup.
      2) Feu: this entry lacks etymological information. If you are familiar with the origin of this term, please add it to the page per etymology instructions.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 31, 2018

      aka fief, vassalage, feof, feud, fee, tenure,…

  6. C'mon Jesus March 29, 2018

    what? seriously Jesus. Eggs. WTF?!

  7. Random Bible Dude March 29, 2018

    On that note eggs, are not from Jesus or the bible. Jesus wanted us to remember his death. At around 14. Nissan (not the car… the date). Because his death was important. It’s the only dat, regarding his life, we should celebrate and honor (in his own words)

    Eggs was, as Atheist FF mentioned above, implemented much later. Same with christmas.

    In christianity, easter is the most important happening. Its the reason why people beliwve they can get to live forever.

    And now for something completely different :

    Do you guys think oranges enjoy being turned into juice? Or do we have to squeeze it out of them…

    • Iamanorange March 29, 2018

      I think they live to be juiced. It’s their one ambition on life.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 29, 2018

      Hm. I actually don’t like orange juice. So this question never occured to me.

    • In the Amish and some Orthodox churches Christmas is a relatively minor holiday as compared with Good Friday and Easter.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 30, 2018

      Easter is actually the highest holiday for all christians. Some people mistakenly think it might be christmas because they get presents.

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