Green Car Parking Only



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  1. Hm, well, it is green. So…

    • Colormaster 3000 April 2, 2017

      Lime green jello. 70’s shag rug green with bong water stains

    • Hairy the Home Owner April 2, 2017

      @ Colormaster 3000
      I pulled up my 70’s lime green stained carpet in my 70’s house only to find 70’s asbestos tile. :-(

  2. Uncle Sam April 2, 2017

    Argue that in court and you have a good chance of winning.

  3. national internationalist April 5, 2017

    The car is green, alright, but it’s a piece of junk. Use that money to get a real sports car, like a merc SLC and save yourself the redneck looks you get from that backwards “car”.

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