How To Instantly Quit Smoking Forever



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  1. Vin Diesel June 15, 2018

    Will diesel go up on an ash from a cigarette?

    • Nope..actually you need a really hot burning cig. touching the gasoline to light up a fuel station. Just smoking shouldn’t do anything as long as the security check ups went fine and there is no gasoline leaking into the air.

    • Salzigtal June 17, 2018

      Hollywood Diesel, Yes.
      Vin Diesel, depends on which movie/vintage.
      Diesel Jeans, depends on 1st vs. 2nd vs. 3rd World and/or Blue State vs. Red State version (absence/presence of flame retardant).
      Diesel Brothers, Hell if I know, I don’t watch pseudo-science channels. BBC, DW-TV, PBS or go home.

  2. Trumpytroll June 16, 2018

    Still too complicated for libtards…

    • While rightards need no rules by the establishment, smoke at the gas station, blow up and couldn’t tell the tale.

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