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  1. Thulasi gentila September 30, 2017


  2. Hey! Get out of our beloved gay couple’s, Kauf Buch and Hein, living room!

    • You flatter me, but I’m no celebrity.
      Celebrities are those morons you and the Left in general WORSHIP.

      You know, the ones who blabber endlessly on garbage they either know nothing about (too many to name) or, worse, know about and don’t give a flying F that they are freakin’ hypocrites about (Al Gore).

      But, if you’re ever in the area, you’re welcome to drop by for a beer and talk about the weather (which is SUPERLATIVE here!).

    • Or when you watch the Oscar

    • You are both celebs. You may have not noticed but they are citing you on FOX.

    • It really cracks me up to read/hear about the left’s reverence for celebrities. YOU BLITHERING IDIOT RWNJ’S KEEP ELECTING CELEBRITIES!!!

    • True and ironic. Trump is the prototype of the idiot celebrity.

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