The Dumbest Mugshot Hairdos Ever



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  1. For some odd reason, they look like Feminists do.

  2. So I’m assuming these guys all got in fights with hair clippers

  3. Couldn’t police let the barbers finish their job before taking the pictures?

  4. Kauf Buch’s gene pool.

    • Kauf Buch June 17, 2017

      Oh, Dat, oh you kid!
      I’ll bet you they ALL vote DEMOCRAT.
      p.s. I PROMISE not to tell that #1 is your mom and #4 is your sister

    • Mimimi, too late, Kauf. We all know your family tree now.

  5. All from Florida. Check the Orlando newspaper.

    • Kauf Buch June 17, 2017

      Really?!? I coulda SWORN they were the latest crop of Democrat House Candidates!

  6. American In Vienna June 17, 2017

    Trump voters.

    • Kauf Buch June 17, 2017

      AIV votes for islamic supremacism over Europe.
      Now, THERE’S a loser for ya!

    • What are you talking about again, Kauf Buch? Islamic supremacy over some parts of Europe is long gone. Their territory has decreased since 1683. What do you kids learn in school these days? Terrible.

    • So sad.

    • Ms Obama Phone June 18, 2017

      The problem is they look like they are on the dole.

  7. Number eight looks like a young Will Ferrell.

    • I thought number eight looked like Medusa.

    • High five, anteater. Samer here. *lol*

    • Old bald c# coder June 18, 2017

      I couldn’t help but think at least he has a full head of hair regardless of how he styles it.

  8. They probably got picked up the the first place for looking like complete asshats.
    Especially the two guys dressed up like roads. Like the taste of sausage, eh guys?

  9. Bob Legris June 19, 2017


  10. Stan Szaranowicz July 4, 2017

    Get them outta here, because I can’t stop laughing!

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