Refugees Welcome?



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  1. I’ve heard that there are a lot of job openings in Dubai… in slave-like conditions.

  2. And if only saudi arabia had 100.000 air-conditioned tents near mecca that they only use once a year and could hold 3 million refugees. Oh wait…

  3. Not sure if ironic or ignorant. There are legitimate reasons refugees won’t even consider that part as a destination for asylum.

    • Wants To Know April 17, 2016

      Pray tell.

    • And what would be the legitimate reasons the world is not pushing them to improve themselves?

    • The Lone Wonderer April 17, 2016

      Indeed…. pray tell… is it because REASONNNNS?!!

    • The islamisation of the west, silly!

    • Trump & Tonic April 21, 2016

      Since when do refugees get to be picky? If one is in the ocean drowning with their family do they ever say “no sorry, I want to get rescued by a different ship”.

  4. eatliver is literally of stormfront

  5. Patronaskitty7 April 19, 2016

    Eatliver: Where people go to make fun of helpless immigrants escaping terrible conditions.

  6. They won’t let them in because they are scared of terrorists. Not even trolling, they are just smart.

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