Drink Responsibly

He was extremely drunk that day. Not gonna happen again. Maybe.

11 thoughts on “Drink Responsibly”

  1. Biden chasing Putin

  2. No, it is Trudeau chasing respect.

  3. Excellent. You are of course correct.

  4. Rinos and Hippos soon tire of play. Then they are a bit problematic.

  5. Did you google that 4 syllable word?

  6. Will Smith bitch slaps a midget.

  7. Yeah, that was funny. Here is a guy that plays a tough guy in the movies,
    but resorts to a limp wrested slap to defend his wife’s somewhat stained

  8. You young fools. That bitchslap is more insulting for Chris Rock than a fist punch. This was a lesson. It means, “You are not worth being punched like a man.”

  9. WTF- – Where did you learn that Grown Man, in prison?

  10. That’s common knowledge. Also part of what is called ‘toxic masculinity’ these days.

  11. He is 100% correct on the slap. Shows complete dominance. All men know this, so if you didn’t..

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