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  1. Biden chasing Putin

  2. Bull dog Mastive Staffordshire Terrior Ted March 28, 2022

    Rinos and Hippos soon tire of play. Then they are a bit problematic.

  3. Award winner March 28, 2022

    Will Smith bitch slaps a midget.

    • Yeah, that was funny. Here is a guy that plays a tough guy in the movies,
      but resorts to a limp wrested slap to defend his wife’s somewhat stained

    • You young fools. That bitchslap is more insulting for Chris Rock than a fist punch. This was a lesson. It means, “You are not worth being punched like a man.”

    • Unbelievable March 29, 2022

      WTF- – Where did you learn that Grown Man, in prison?

    • That’s common knowledge. Also part of what is called ‘toxic masculinity’ these days.

    • He is 100% correct on the slap. Shows complete dominance. All men know this, so if you didn’t..

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