Father Turns His Son’s Drawings Into Reality

Dom is six and he likes to draw. Once he’s finished with his mini masterpieces, his dad then recreates their real world counterparts with a dose of digital magic and quite a bit of humor.

6 thoughts on “Father Turns His Son’s Drawings Into Reality”

  1. Creepy…

  2. Whilst the pictures are interesting, the tale about “dad turns his childs…” etc is incorrect.

  3. What evidence do you have for such a claim?

  4. He shouldn’t encourage such mediocrity.

  5. @Kauf
    Obviously not drawn by a kid.
    Rather drawn by himself/drunk friend.
    These look like speed drawings with the shitties t care for quality. Made en masse, so he can make this internet post about what funny photoshopper he is.
    Genuine child to photoshop drawings are the famous Lion King Nala 2.0

  6. I agree. I am getting fed up with these “my kid did this” posts. So often the handwriting is the same with a different pen etc. These drawings do not look like a child did them. I taught pre-school while at Uni, (to help pay for school), and saw a lot of art by children. I would be very surprised if these were done by a child.

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