Double Standards



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  1. Fail.
    Those scenes are to be viewed in contexed of todays patriarchic society. Therefore these outcomes are correct and right.
    To the artist and his friends from a married man who treats women as equals: You’ll never get a girlfriend. Except you drug her and lock her in your basement. – That’s not an advice. Don’t try this at home.

    • And…?

    • Agreed, whoever made this is probably a douche who has an Elliot Rodger poster in his bedroom.

    • MarshCreature October 10, 2014

      oh boy a feminatzi sure showed them who is boss with that comment equal right be damned

    • eyeroll…. femi-non-man to the rescue!

    • Funny how stating some simple logical inconsistencies brings out so much hate from the White Knights of the Internet community.
      It’s very simple – the above graphic is correct, as it does not explicitly state any problem with the order of things, it simply juxtaposes some hypothetical situations and the socially accepted knee-jerk interpretations of those. Whether this is done to imply any sort of backwardness or not is not explicitly stated.
      Thus one is to conclude that the verbal reactions of such people as EUro above are simply the manifestation of their own repressed inner thoughts and feelings toward the issues they so valiantly throw themselves into a fit over. They are simply in the denial stage towards such ideas and in order to keep themselves in this stage they feel the need to outwardly oppose these ideas, because they feel threatened by them as indeed they are – their very disposition toward their spouse evidently hangs in the balance.
      It is very similar to how the most outspoken and extreme homophobes are usually repressed homosexuals themselves.

    • I guess that Ray Rice gave his fiancée a big fistful of equality.

    • @Truffe Blabberdablabber. I just posted before you had the chance to praise the artist and now you’re pissed. You and all of us know exactly why, in which context this piece of (brainf)art was made and what the artist’s intentions where.
      Your rediculous amature psychological analysis of men who respect women is a joke. As long as women don’t recieve the same respect and rights as men there will always be someone who stand up against such misogynist propaganda. Women may have the same rights on paper in our western societies. But in fact they have not. Everytime a women asks for her rights she will get mocked or get threatend with rape or killing by a community of men (or guys who think they are) that see their privileges in danger. Think of that Youtube activist (forgot her name) or Emma Watson after her speech in front of the UN. Both where threatend and ridiculed. In one case even the family was threatend with violence or worse. As long as such cases happen no one can argue that women are already equals. I don’t even bother myself with such issues in my free time. But such pictures on a “funny site” are just a deliberate provocation that may be invalidated.
      So you feel opressed by women who claim equal rights to yours? And fear for your manhood by men who respect women, homosexuals and foreign people. According to your last sentence.
      Well, I can tell, I don’t have much respect for you. A little but not much.

  2. This is so true. This picture is right on.

  3. Whoever came up with that, you have a problem. Seriously.

  4. Xerxes_the_Great October 11, 2014

    This is so true actually.

  5. I hate women! October 11, 2014

    Why won’t they date meeeee?

  6. Frank Einstein October 11, 2014

    I work at a retail store where there are four men about over a dozen women. The men have to do all of the lifting, even if it is a ten-pound item. Did I mention that one of the men is eighty-one years old? We do, however, get paid all the same because we’re equals.

    • So, why don’t you help your elder collegue instead of complaining about his miserable fate. You have to lift ’cause most men are physically stronger than women. But that doesn’t give you more rights. Except you are a leftover community of neanderthals.
      Where I work we help the women with heavy things too. But not with every item. Normally they wouldn’t even ask as long as they can manage it alone. Everything else would be inefficent anyway. Time is money.
      I think there is something wrong with both sides in your store.

    • Reply for euRO October 12, 2014

      So “most men are physically stronger than women”. Then I guess men and women aren’t equal, and women don’t do the same work as men. Wage gap is a myth.

    • What do you mean? Are you mixing up biological and social relations?

    • Frank Einstein October 13, 2014

      “So, why don’t you help your elder collegue instead of complaining about his miserable fate.”
      If the two of us are available, I do the lifting. That is not the problem. The problem is that the men have to do all of the lifting.
      I left out the most ironic part of this story! My boss is a woman who used to be a powerlifter. She has trophies to prove it. It is her rule that only the men do the lifting… even though we’re all equal.

    • As I said there is something wrong with both sides.
      If you are working in the US you have to accept that as it is a antiblabberlablabcommunist freedom not to have any workers rights. Sorry.

  7. The best measure of a man’s immaturity & insecurity in his masculinity is the amount he complains about gender-based “double standards”.

  8. NineJackets October 12, 2014

    Thank you EUro. Now we all know to ignore your posts. Well done.

    • No one ever forced you to pay attention to them in the first place. Anyways as you don’t give any reasons I guess your post counts as trolling.

  9. So apparently, women don’t do any work by themselves? Wow, news to 3 billion people.

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