Trump’s Face vs. Photoshop




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  1. Hell Toupee March 20, 2017

    There’s probably no photoshop required here…
    Although Emo Paul Ryan is very cool!

  2. Pictures of Hillary broke my computer.

    • Someone put a “Hillary” sticker on the neighborhood recycling bin.
      I wrote on it: “Do not recycle. Hazardous waste.”

  3. Most of these look like Jim Henson creations.

    • German Machine Gun March 20, 2017

      Explains a lot about the current US government. All Muppets.

    • Prince Leo March 21, 2017

      @German Machine Gun: have you learned Arabic yet? hurry up! tic toc

    • German Machine Gun March 22, 2017

      Not so many Arabs around except in the right-winged Fantasy News. Small number in comparisson to the Germans. People always think immigrants are overrunning us because they come in groups and they stick out. Like the Turks. They are afraid to wander around alone. And overall there are they are few. And don’t forget that most refugess ARE refugees. Many of them became christians once they were in Europe. I guess they had enough of islam.
      Yet I bet you speak only one language, like all unschooled americans. And no doubt you are proud of your ignorance.

  4. Justin The Smartypants March 21, 2017

    Enough to make you Puke

  5. You mean president trump?

  6. You know he won the election right? Other stuff is happening too

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