Good Thinking, Trump



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  1. Clever guy.

  2. Just Sayin' May 11, 2017

    Trouble is – he really thinks this is how it works.

  3. Prince Leo May 11, 2017

    It’s not firing an FBI director that makes an investigation go away. It’s hiring the right one afterwards.

    • @Prince Leo May 13, 2017

      In the interim best fire and replace the acting FBI Director just in case he is competent.
      So easy.

  4. Kauf Buch May 11, 2017

    Leftist brain-dead twits have ALMOST given up on the
    so they needed something “new”…like
    The Brady Bunch’s Jan crying
    “Russia Russia Russia!”

    • Your Fuhrer is crooked. His and your downfall already began. It’s a travesty. The office of U.S. President has been severly smutted.

    • Hmmm @DAT like Obummer’s legacy has not been besmirched.
      Uranium ore to Russia for CF payments.
      IRA targeting political foes.
      Guns to drug gangs in Mexico
      Billions sent to Iran in the dead of night
      “Wait until I’m re-elected” whispered to the Russian ambassador.
      Yep clearly nothing there, yet Trump? HANG HIM!!!

    • These are political decisions, not criminal.

  5. Uncle Sam May 12, 2017

    Trump might just get himself impeached, at some point. This isn’t THE APPRENTICE. Had a great conversation at work today about impeachment. Many think that Nixon was impeached. Nixon actually resigned before it could happen. Only Andrew Johnson in 1868, and Bill Clinton in 1998 have been impeached.

    • Prince Leo May 12, 2017

      Are you CNN? Reporting fake impeachment of Bill Clinton.

    • Uncle Sam May 12, 2017

      The impeachment of Bill Clinton:

    • Uncle Sam May 12, 2017

      If I were a dumba$$ I would call myself Prince Leo.

    • Uncle Sam May 12, 2017

      Princess Leo?

    • Prince Leo May 12, 2017

      Have you read the link you posted? If not the whole article, at least the “acquittal by the Senate” section?

    • Uncle Sam May 12, 2017

      Acquitted by the Senate but still impeached. It takes a real man to admit when he is wrong. How about it?

    • Prince Leo May 12, 2017

      I hand it to you. The Senate part is a trial process, not impeachment anymore.

    • Uncle Sam May 12, 2017

      The Senate part is to determine removal from office only. I applaud you. Many get tripped-up by the word IMPEACHMENT.

    • I like peaches.

    • Impeached?
      Clearly watching too much CNN. Unfortunately you can’t just wish an impeachment into fruition.

    • Prince Leo May 13, 2017

      I still remember when he addressed the country:
      “My fellow Americans, I have not been entirely truthful with you. I did gagoogity that girl. I gashmoigitied her gaflamidy with my googus. And I am sorry.”

  6. Uncle Sam May 12, 2017

    You must be squirming right now!

    • Uncle Sam May 12, 2017

      Comment meant for Princess Leo.

    • Prince Leo May 12, 2017

      Not quite. Only libtards stick with an opinion even after seeing facts that say otherwise ;)

    • Leo, have you not noticed that there are still those who approve of Trump and the…let’s call it job he’s doing? Those people are not “libtards”*. Those people are “conservatidiots”*.
      *The opinion of anyone who uses these words unironically is not worth the pixels they’re composed of.

    • Prince Leo May 12, 2017

      I could agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

  7. Resignation, impeachment, or flat-out imprisonment?
    It’s gonna be fun to watch!

  8. Eatliber posts too many antiTrump things.
    Democrat ****boys confirmed

  9. Billy Boy May 12, 2017

    Clinton said “I consider my impeachment a badge of honor” on 60 Minutes while promoting his book My Life. Arkansas trailer trash.

    • Free&FakeAmerican May 12, 2017

      Still better president. Good for state financials.

    • A better President? By what metric?
      Maybe if you’re Mexican or a North Korean you’ve benefitted, clearly not the Americans

    • Free&FakeAmerican May 13, 2017

      We talk again when US has gone metric.

  10. report to the FBI May 12, 2017

    Presidential cluster****.

  11. The Good German May 12, 2017

    That’s a small hand indeed.

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