20 Times People Failed to Send Dog Photos to “We Rate Dogs” Twitter


This Twitter account rates dogs. All you have to do is send them a picture of your dog and they’ll give it a score from one to ten. The only problem is, some people seem to be sending them pictures of things that CLEARLY are not dogs!


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  1. Justin The Smartypants July 6, 2017

    Now that is what I call a 10/10

  2. where's catman? July 6, 2017

    Must love dogs!

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob July 6, 2017

    Me and Bubba aint gonna comment. You know how we feel about dogs being outside animals. There was only four outside and one inna car and that one dont count.

  4. These are awesome! Funniest thing I’ve seen for ages. :D

  5. The trunkmonkey July 6, 2017

    Dear WeRateDogs,
    Do you only rate dogs?
    It’s not clear, please clarify.

  6. Thomas Brenan July 7, 2017

    Some of those are dogs. Not all. Just some

  7. wtf….
    10/10 > 0/10

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