Tweets That All Dog Owners Can Relate To



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  1. Bubba and Joe Bob June 8, 2017

    Now, dogs is great as long as they outside. Keep’em outside, they love it.

    • Kauf Buch June 8, 2017

      Dogs are parasites. As are children and ******** leftists.

    • Just Sayin' June 8, 2017

      Wow, Kauf hates dogs & children. No wonder.

    • American In Vienna June 9, 2017

      @Kauf Buch
      So you were a parasite once? OK… makes sense…

    • Salzigtal June 9, 2017

      A few years before his death Goldwater addressed establishment Republicans by saying, “Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican party much more than the Democrats have.”

    • I think you better outside than the dog. Might teach you some compassion bro.

  2. gobsmacked scientist June 8, 2017

    Donald Trump does not have a dog

  3. Weak content. Low energy. Sad!
    Cats > Dogs

  4. Hillary lost - no Russians June 9, 2017

    Hillary is Cujo!

  5. CatMan (The 2nd Coming) June 10, 2017

    I take that back. Cats are stupid.

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