How To Turn Your Cat Into Donald Trump


It’s quite simple.
Step 1: Brush your cat.
Step 2: Form the hair you brushed into a toupee.
Step 3: Place toupee on cat.



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  1. Cristina Garat July 13, 2015

    Animals with such a superior mind (and spirit) don’t deserve to be compared to that bigot nitwit!!

    • Billy Bong Thornton July 13, 2015

      Your cat is dumb.

    • voice of reason July 17, 2015

      His one comment does not mean that he is a bigot. Listen to all that was said and decide if he is that far off…really. I wonder if there is a reason that he is now leading the polls.

  2. i dont wanna know what happened in the second to last picture..

    • The poor kitty was totally transformed….got his wrinkles too!

  3. Trump is way too full of himself to do anything in the best interest of our country.

    • voice of reason July 17, 2015

      So, four more years like the last 7 sounds good to you? Are you kidding? I don’t know which candidate I’ll vote for yet, but if u think the last 7 years has been good, that means that u like the handouts, and u think the government should spend more money on you and you’re probably a spendthrift on your way to bankruptcy. . .just like the government is. It wouldn’t hurt the country to have a successful businessman for a change. You are supposed to take care of yourself, not the government. If u hadn’t been told, the USA is not socialist. Move somewhere else where you can have less liberties, higher flat taxes and all of your free stuff.

  4. Bird-Nokk July 15, 2015

    Cool picts

  5. Why would you do this to a poor cat

    • voice of reason July 17, 2015

      Are you kidding? Putting a small clump of hair on a cat for the time it takes to take a picture is offensive to you? You need help.

  6. I wanted to line up just my black cats & use my Pit Bull’s loose hair on them. (Black dog.) I just can’t do it. They would get together & plot their revenge. They jump onme like my stomach is a trampoline in the middle of the night if they’re mad at me.

  7. Like Donald, these cats have an identity crisis.

  8. NightFuryTamer January 27, 2016

    Me neither jimbob

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